Maria Bell is head of the Skate America short show, looking forward to the biggest win of her career

Wearing a free ski uniform, Maria Bell She topped the unmatched Skate America short program with a clean performance in front of a ticketless crowd at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas on Friday.

Bill, 24, had a double axel set, triple heart triple ring and triple Lutz for 76.48 in front of the fan cardboard cutouts.

“I had to get back to getting back to what it’s like to rehearse,” Bill, whose short dress the program didn’t fit well, said on NBCSN. “We could hear applause and stuff, but you’re looking up, the shelves are completely empty.”

She won the 2018 US and National Olympic Championships Brady Tennel With 3.19 points. Tennell had the back half of Lutz’s triple-toed, under-rotated formula.

Audrey ShaneThe 16-year-old American Junior Silver Medalist of the Year 2019 who failed to qualify as Senior Nationals last season came in surprisingly third place at 69.77.

Twice US champion Alyssa LiuShe is 15 years old, and she’s too young for Skate America, but she will be old enough next year in the Olympic season.

Skate America continues later Friday with short shows for men, couples, and rhythmic dance. Free skis on Saturdays.

SKATE AMERICA: Live TV Schedule | Results

Bell is looking forward to the biggest win of her career. She broke through in Skate America four years earlier with a silver medal, was the 2018 Olympic alternate, and in January, she took a silver medal in the US Championships.

“I’ve had a lot of great momentum coming in last year,” said Bill, who added a former coaching partner. Adam Ripon For her coaching team last year. “I really feel like I’m just coming in at the peak of my work.”

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Gracie Gold, The two-time United States champion who finished fourth at the 2014 Olympics on the way back, was 12th out of 12 skaters with 46.36 points.

Gold struggled in jumps, unable to complete any triples. She quit snowboarding before the 2018 Olympic season to undergo treatment for eating disorders, depression and anxiety.

Gould, Jan 12th in Nationals With Similar Jumping Problems, rated it short “Zero Stars on Tripadvisor, Never Do It Again.”

“I didn’t bring any energy to the ice,” she said. “Just really nervous.”

Gold is also lamented Experience the Las Vegas bubble Amid the coronavirus pandemic. As in other sports, certified personnel spend the majority of their time in a hotel or competition venue.

“It kind of reminds me of when I was clinically depressed,” she said.

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