Mandatory requirements are degrees, Ph.D. and experiences abroad

In the most advanced and technological societies, fame is a resource and currency of power. It is a resource because for its practical strength it needs not only power, which is legitimate, but today more than ever, fame that convinces. We’re talking about areas of culture, where fame goes to big companies star Art, entertainment, communication, academies and science laboratories acquired by those who influence the ideas, behaviours, methods, and habits of the world. The United Kingdom, the United States and Russia, rulers of 900, have strong cases Supreme Commander of culture in the world. Moreover, fame, in today’s technological relations environments, is a currency that has been earned and shared by the powerful of economics and politics. That is why we chose to study the characters Al higher In Europe, saws add to the power and wealth of prestigious fame.

Among the results, we were astonished by the overwhelming superiority of Supreme Commander Europeans (especially in the pre-Brexit formation) in the global scenario, the path dependency Secular characterized by the power of the English-speaking countries of the world, but also the desert of women and youth among higher world Cup. Although three women who have led the European Union recently – Angela Merkel, the undisputed leader, Ursula von der Leyen, commission president, and Christine Lagarde, president of the European Central Bank – have allowed us to imagine the growth of pink power in higherThe results confirm, after just over ten years of research in Lewis (2008–10), the limited presence of Supreme Commander Women in the geography of European powers. Pink quotas didn’t work, especially in big business networks.

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The rule of old age is the man who rules the world and Europe. In our home, we delude ourselves that our rejuvenation elite The politics—even if she suffers from cramping teeth—and the different destinies of the entrepreneurial lanes can contribute to changing the air in the control room. On the contrary, between Supreme Commander With worldwide fame, people over the age of seventy are winning big in Italy. The most convincing hypothesis in this regard is that “young emerging” politicians are still far from it. higher the world with Curricula Not internationalized enough. Moreover, on the eve of the Quirinale elections, among the proposals circulating, there is talk of Silvio Berlusconi and Romano Prodi, both above 80Senators for life and Mario Draghi, above 70Our vanguard in Europe and the world. Giuliano Amato, an eighty-year-old of great political stature, was also mentioned. what I say? At the heart of the game are the elderly, to say the least, “mature”, the exception among the candidates is the “young” minister Marta Qurtabaia.

In the Western world—particularly in Japan and the United Kingdom—powers depend on experience and fame attained in old age, as the accumulation of relational capital and reputation linked to the life cycle or access to patriarchy of families traditionally enjoying strength and wellness—known in Europe and around the world. History tells us about young people Leader, but most often the power was entrusted to the elders. Perhaps it is time to discourage “youthful” rhetoric against the powers of the elderly and open up thinking about employment, entrepreneurial steps, education, and the circulation of our business. elite, an indispensable factor of democracy as much as the social mobility of the national community.

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We are investigating a narrow world of characters Al higher, which in 2 out of 3 cases holds a master’s or doctorate degree: education as well as internationalization are prerequisites for access to a trading flow elite. In the end, one feels that the political and institutional thickness of the top European leaders, due, among other things, to judgment Multi-tiered (regional, national and European governments), the first cores of the ruling class of European caliber emerged. However, she is one Leadership It is halved because even the new European powers end up drawing water from the national mill from which they derive approval and legitimacy. Merkel was a European leader, but she was the leader of a “German” Europe as Ulrich Beck (2013) wrote, paying attention above all to internal consensus.

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