Major car robbery chase in Beijnitz-Begnitz

A stolen Audi Q7 detected in the A9 rest area – so far there is no trace of the driver –
7 hours ago

Just before 3.15 p.m., investigators from Baden-Württemberg reported to the Upper Franconian Operations Center of an Audi Q7 bearing a license plate from the Starnberg registration area that was stolen in the morning and is now said to be in the Pegnitz region. Several patrol crews immediately searched for the expensive SUV and officials discovered the vehicle parked in the petrol station area of ​​Fränkische Schweiz on the northbound A9 road. However, the driver was not there.

Witnesses said that a man who appeared to belong to Q7 has recently disappeared. Police immediately searched all the buildings and examined many vehicles in the rest area and in the surrounding area. In the ensuing period, emergency services received support from police helicopter crews with a thermal imaging camera in the search for the suspect.

As part of a comprehensive search procedure, in which the police also used dogs to search for people, entering and leaving the rest area had to be banned several times.

The man we are looking for is around 50 years old, he is estimated to be 180 cm tall and has a strong personality. He wore a black coat, gray pants, a black scarf, and a black hat.

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Criminal Police investigate Bayreuth and seek help: Who saw a man of fitting description in the afternoon or evening in the Fränkische Schweiz service area and / or in the Pegnitz district? Who chooses to travel on the A9 motorway or on the surrounding country roads? Who else could provide information that could be related to the wanted man?

The Criminal Police Office in Bayreuth receives the relevant information at phone number 0506/0921.

All current police reports can be found here.

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