Lucky Punch in Heidenheim: Bauer secures a well-deserved triple sport in Fürth

The shamrock temporarily slips into second place –
10 hours ago

The shamrock can cheer at the last minute.

© Sportfoto Zink / Wolfgang Zink, Sportfoto Zink / Wolfgang Zink

In principle, Fürth residents know how to score goals. They have already scored 50 goals in this round. But in the first leg against Heidenheim, Clover never brought the ball back into the goal line – again. In the last five comparisons, the Game Federation has failed to defeat FCH goalkeeper Kevin Muller. The last goal against Kickers Ostalp was scored by Julian Green, who was prepared by Jürgen Gasula at the time. This alone shows how long Forth Team have been waiting to beat Heidenheim. Gasula left the club in the summer of 2018.

That should change in the second leg of the 2020/21 season, at least the Game Association acted so quickly in the initial phase that it worked almost immediately. Fürth was the most active team. Sebastian Ernst fired his first shot on goal after just two minutes, well played by Julian Green. Coach Stefan Little had almost the best of his team on the field, only Mirjim Mafraj lost a yellow card and EM driver David Raum was given a break. For this, Paul Jaeckel and Luca Itter moved to the starting line-up.

Video assistant referee (VAR), bad luck and last-minute strikes: Klipplatt reigns supreme in Heidenheim

Fürth started the game with power and strength, as if they wanted to prove they could score goals against Heidenheim. But it took until the last minute, also because teams with the same tactical lineup are neutralizing each other in the meantime. But in the final stages in particular, the clover had noticeably better chances, and thanks to Maximilian Bauer’s last-minute goal, he managed to recover all three. The game with pictures!

Fortunately, the hosts got their first chance after a quarter of an hour: a cross pass from Marnon Bush – Etter was not the man – veered twice to Dennis Tomala, who tried to spit the ball past Sasha Burchert from a distance of three meters. . The clover guard was able to explain. FCH has now arrived in the game and is not easily controlled by Furth.

Green, Seguin, and Meyerhöfer each received an award

Only after half an hour the guests seriously progress again. After Paul Seguin’s strong possession of the ball, the pass to the middle failed. Shortly thereafter, again after an impressive Seguin action, Marco Meyerhöfer crossed from the right on the left post. There was no pressure on Green behind the diving header.

Then the Game Federation was lucky that Heidenheim almost took the lead. After a corner kick, there was confusion in the Fürth penalty area, Tim Kleindienst pushed the ball over the line after a header from Patrick Mayinka – with his upper arm. After examining the video assistant referee, the referees team withdrew the blow due to a handball (37).

Clover leaf in disguise in Heidenheim: individual reviews – and rate yourself!

SpVgg defeated Greuther Fürth 1. FC Heidenheim were deserved 1-0. The road there was rocky, but the Shamrock showed a solid performance, even without the God of Wings and Head of Defense. There were drunk passes, hacking tricks and last-minute goalie. Sports Editor Katarina Tonch with individual review.

After the break, the Game Association came out of the booth with more vigor. Green served a perfect benchmark for Havard Nielsen, with Kevin Müller pointing the head over the bar with his fingertips. Seguin tried it after a little distance, the ball just darted off the post on the left. Then Mueller blocked the goal from Fürth: after a brilliant prep work by Nielsen, Mayerhofer fired his low shot independently from exactly seven meters at the FCH goalkeeper.

A successful final attack

Despite the good chances, he was still 0-0 after an hour. As usual, Clover had a hard time with Heidenheimer, who defended compactly and appeared physically fit, but didn’t always use their changing positions wisely. Stefan Little has brought David Raum and Emile Bergren in the last 20 minutes to rush back into the attack. Green started the final attack with a flutter ball, Mueller allowed it to rebound forward and Nielsen missed stabbing the penalty area by a few centimeters.

The shamrock needed several attempts to finally grasp the ball at Heidenheimer Tor.

© Sportfoto Zink / Wolfgang Zink, Sportfoto Zink / Wolfgang Zink

Then Clover managed to score the long-awaited goal: after a corner kick from Greene, Bergen climbed to the highest level, Kevin Muller managed to dodge his header. Dust Maximilian Bauer. 1: 0! After a few actions, Fürth’s team celebrated their away win over Ostalp. They have proven that they can now score against Heidenheim. More form of climb is almost impossible.

1. FC Heidenheim: Muller-Bosch, Minka, Hosing, Theurkov-Sisa, Schopner-Gebel (66 months old), Tomala (pick 66) – Kleindienst, Kolwiter (80 Leibzerts)

SpVgg Greuther Fürth: Burchert – Meyerhöfer, Jaeckel, Bauer, Itter (Room 72) – Stach – Seguin, Green – Ernst (72 Bergreen) – Hrgota (87th Tillman), Nielsen

rip: 1: 0 Power (90.) | Yellow Cards: Bosch, Jebel-Ernst, Mayerhofer, Bauer, Nielsen | Rule: Storks (many).

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