Luca Lutenbach, the Swiss fan who fights for brands

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When Euro 2020And the Luca Luttenbach He was one of the millions of fans of Switzerland choice He dreams of a fantastic performance by his team in the continental competition and that as the matches go by he is excited to see how his team continues to progress to the point of being new. The guests in the quarter-finals after France were suddenly sent off.

How did this Swiss fan rise to global fame? Minutes before the final whistle, when? Switzerland fell 3-2 to France In the round of 16, TV cameras Focus on Luka Lutenbach, Who is the I cried bitterly The imminent elimination of his team, then Gavranovic’s goal came in the 90th minute, so the camera directors ordered. Show Luca on the screen again, who now shouted joyfully م And without his team’s tie shirt.

Brands are fighting for it

the above It generated millions of reactions around the worldHis name became famous within hours and some of the time top brands In the Swiss lands, they did not let this worker pass in order to “trade” with him, and gave him important rewards as a reward for his fanaticism.

Swiss Air, the leading airline in Switzerland, has contacted you for We offer you a paid trip to Saint Petersburg Why Watching the quarter-final match against Spain, broadcast live; He agreed immediately.

Then it came red bullIt was he who offered him a good endowment of his energy drinks, according to the local newspaper “Blake”.

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Finally, the Swiss Tourist Officewho decided Pay you a comfortable vacation All-inclusive to relieve the stress of the Switzerland-France match.

As well as the World Cup in South Africa, Brazil and Russia – Mexico – has her own friendsThe fans who won the hearts of the fans for the passion with which they lived the matches of their national teams, the Euro 2020 Officially she has her first “boyfriend” in character Luca Luttenbach.

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