Leading Italy and the United States in the Environmental Transformation

“we are in A key historical moment to protect the planetItaly and the United States are called upon to play a leadership role in convincing our partners that the energy transition and the struggle to protect the planet represent a great advantage and opportunity for the entire international community. ”Thus Foreign Minister Luigi De Mayo After meeting in Farnesina with US climate envoy John Keri.

“As the current chair of the G20, Italy is strongly committed to preserving issues the weather And theenergy The Center for International Agenda Promote a new and broader concept of energy security – emphasized de Mayo. The ministerial meeting for energy and climate, which we will host on July 23 in Naples, will be the first of its kind in the history of the G20.

During the day, there was also an exchange of gifts in Farnesina between Minister Di Maio and Kerry: the Secretary of State, as far as we learned, gave Kerry a tie made in Italy – “one of my Excellencies” said Di Maio – and Kerry gave the minister a book with dedication.

“It was a pleasure today to receive President Biden’s special envoy for climate, John Kerry, at the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation,” Di Maio wrote on Facebook, adding that “before leaving, I gave my friend Kerry a little Italy, a tie made in Italy.” Because our excellence and being world leaders are a source of pride for all of us. “

Then the Secretary of State explained that in his meeting with the former US Secretary of State he was “Discuss environmental transformation, an important challenge facing the whole world Italy and the United States are facing the utmost commitment. A challenge – he continues – means creating job opportunities, a new concept of doing business, and new economic models. “

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“We have the opportunity – and concludes – to make our country less polluted and increase development opportunities. If we take advantage of this opportunity, with a truly innovative and sustainable vision, we will finally be able to reverse the trend that has led to the environment being an enemy. To fight, not as an ally that must be protected. Only through uniting efforts on a global level. Italy exists and does its part. “

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