Kirk described Cameron as a “ non-Christian ” for hosting the Christmas protests amid the escalation of COVID-19


Former “Growing Pains” star finds himself under fire after he convenes a mass rally to peacefully protest California Governor Gavin Newsom’s stay at home.

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Kirk Cameron He found himself under criticism for hosting a welcome Christmas protest amid the increase in COVID-19 cases. Actor who became famous for playing Mike Seaver in a sitcomGrowing pains“Non-Christian” for holding a rally where most of the attendees did not wear masks.

On the night of Sunday, December 13, the 50-year-old gathered hundreds of people outside The Oaks Mall in Thousand Oaks, California to peacefully protest the order that California Governor Gavin Newsom should stay home. In his Instagram Live he shared, it can be seen that most of those present weren’t practicing social distancing either. He commented on the clip, “God bless America! Joy over fear.”

Kirk, who collaborated with Sing It Louder USA in organizing the event, has received criticism from many people including Thousand Oaks Mayor Claudia Bill-de la Pena. “Freedom and freedom are very fragile and they bear a huge responsibility,” she told ABC7 News. “I feel that continuing to hold large gatherings and ignoring all instructions is not Christian.”

Kirk fans also expressed their disappointment in the comments section on Instagram. Someone argued, “This is so selfish. It sounds like a big deal to me. I hope no one dies because of it.” Another anger erupted, “This is very disappointing and difficult to watch as the world tries to control a deadly virus.” Additionally, a third said, “You are not embarrassed.”

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The “Anti-flame retardantThe star initially shared an open invitation to his Instagram followers to join the “Christmas Carol Peaceful Protest.” He said, “We hope you can join us. We will celebrate the freedoms that God endowed us and our constitutionally protected rights at this time on Christmas to sing the Christmas song, to gather, gather and sing on the occasion of the birth of our Savior. ”

It wasn’t the first time Kirk had held a mass gathering. Back on December 6, husband Chelsea Noble He posted some pictures on Instagram that saw many people sing without masks. In the accompanying letter he wrote, “Better than Charlie Brown’s Christmas song, the night was truly magical! Part of the town hall meeting, part of the community carols and all the joy of Christmas!”

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