Joe Biden is nominating former Deputy Secretary of State William Burns for the position of Director of the CIA

The new American president Joe Biden Former diplomat William Burns served officially as the head of foreign intelligence CIA Nominate. Burns was under the former president Barack Obama Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs. The White House said on Wednesday (local time) that Burns’ nomination has now been sent to the Senate. The room of Congress controlled by Biden Democrats has to vote on the staff.

Biden had already announced prior to his January 20 inauguration that he would use Burns as head of the CIA. previous president Donald Trump Gina Haspel was nominated to head the Foreign Intelligence Service in 2018. Since the change of power on January 20, David Cohen has been acting temporarily there.

In mid-January, Biden Burns received a letter Strongly praised. “Bill Burns is an exemplary diplomat with decades of experience on the world stage protecting our people and our country,” she said at the time. “He shares with me my deep conviction that the secret services should be apolitical and that committed professionals in the Secret Service serve our nation.”

Other members confirmed in the cabin

Burns, 64, is a seasoned diplomat. For 33 years, he served under the Republican and Democrat Presidency at the State Department, including as ambassador in the Russia And the Jordan. From January 2013 he was in government Barack Obama Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Hillary Clinton. So Biden knows him well because he was the same vice president at the time. Burns currently serves as chairman of the prestigious Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, a non-partisan foreign policy think-tank.

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On Tuesday it was the Senate Two other cabinet members Confirm to the Biden government.

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