Jenny May returns to DWTS after emergency throat surgery

improving! Jenny May Adel Dancing With The Stars Three weeks after undergoing emergency throat surgery.

The Fact Cohost, 41, was among the Season 29 contestants present during the final episode on Monday, November 23. During the show, the host Tyra He shouted to Mai before the cameras penetrated the television personality in the audience.

Colleague Mi. Dancing With The Stars Then she was cheered by competitors in the final. Crichl Stoose And the AJ McLean Some of the other familiar faces were who were there to cheer on the last four dancers.

Jenny May ABC / Larita Houston

Hours ago, it was Holly Molly A reporter joked her Dancing With The Stars Go back and revealed that she will return Real On Tuesday, November 24.

“Friendship is a medicine that has been underestimated,” May Comment on Instagram picture From herself surrounded by flowers and gifts after surgery. “Those who enter your life and make you see the sun where you saw the clouds.”

The TV personality noticed that the last few weeks had “felt tall and heavy” because she was unable to speak or leave bed while recovering.

“But calls, text messages, funny videos, matzo ball soup, bone broth and encouraging words from all my friends at work and LIFE brought me back to 💯‼,” she continued. “Thank you # MAIFAM for all your love .. please give me some time because I can still thank you!”

the previous How do I look? The host also thanked her Fact Participates in hosting “pressure” in her absence.

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She added, “Your Asian feel is in harmony with coming back tomorrow because she misses talking about Honnai.” (The TV host spoke briefly in a clip during Dancing With The Stars About life after the show and she joked that her mom insisted on teaching her how to dance.)

Earlier this month, May underwent emergency throat surgery and had to be discharged Dancing With The Stars Before Monday episode 2 November. She later revealed that she had epiglottitis, a rare condition that causes inflammation of the tissues that protect the windpipe.

She wrote on Instagram after the surgery: “Although I am grateful to be recovering safely, I cannot lie … I am shocked by the fact that my journey with #DWTS will end this way.” “Dancing on this show was the most joyful adventure. I made beautiful friendships and loving supporters.”

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