Italian milk from Quetta that was pumped in the factories was pumped to the United States

Try foods We are excited to announce the launch of its full line of high-quality, shelf-stable plant-based Italian milk, now available online and in an expanding list of retailers across the United States.

Made with seven plants, Koita Milk delivers 100% pure and clean flavor. This is because this stable creamy milk is produced and packaged in Italy. It’s made from ingredients grown in the Italian Alps, which boast one of the purest soils in the world. It is that nutrient-rich soil that leads to the incredibly delicious range of Koita milks.

Founded by American expat Mustafa Quetta, a dynamic and fearless businessman and father of three, he embarked on a mission to provide quality healthcare products to families across the Middle East and Asia. His trip took him to Italy near Mt. Vesuvius, which produces more permafrost and ash than Italy’s famous pasta, wine and cheese. In 2013, the company was born in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and seven years later, with the launch of the United States, Quetta products are now available in 10 additional countries around the world.

“I am delighted that plant-based milk has returned to its home in the United States,” said Mustafa Quetta, founder of Quetta Foods, born in New Jersey and raised in Chicago. “In an age when so many shoppers are thinking smart ways to store, it’s really surprising to find vegan milk in the grocery aisle standing on the shelves and it’s really delicious. We can’t wait for families in the US to sample it from Italian milk maids.”

Quetta milk is available in seven delicious flavors. All are dairy-free, vegan, non-GMO, and carrageenan-free:

Organic almonds: Made with Italian Almonds without added sugar.

Felt tired: Made with Italian Oats. Rich in vitamins and calcium.

Organic coconut: Made with coconut from Thailand with no added sugar.

Organic almonds and coconut: The newest flavor in the line, the unique combination of organic almonds and coconut makes the café a café-level drink with amazing foam. Made with Italian Almonds and Thai Coconut with added Calcium.

soybean: It is based on Italian soybeans and is rich in vitamins and calcium.

Soy for coffee: Made from Italian soybeans and designed by four Italian baristas, Soybean Coffee is loved by baristas around the world for its exquisite frothy.

rice: Made with Italian rice. Rich in vitamins.

The main ingredients come from family-run farms in Italy, with the exception of coconut, which comes from Thailand. Quetta Milk is produced in Italian factories that follow strict hygiene guidelines.

All products are stable at room temperature because they have been treated with steam using an innovative process that preserves taste and prolongs their shelf life. Koita is sustainable, with TetraPak recyclable packaging and shipments by sea to ensure low carbon emissions.

One of Koita’s core values ​​is to support the communities in which its products are sold. In the United States, Quetta is thrilled to work on it Progetto Green Schools, A non-profit organization that works to develop the next generation of environmental leaders through education, project-based learning, and community service in the United States and around the world. This new partnership will engage students in a service learning project that focuses on green and healthy living.

Currently a full range of plant-based milks is distributed in the northeast. It’s now on the shelves of Balducci’s, Crosby’s, Kings Food Markets, and LaBonne Markets, to name a few. All flavors are also available online at And on the Quetta website at

Koita products are also available in 10 other countries, including Emirates Airlines, Four Seasons hotels, Marriott hotels abroad, various Italian locations and at Barry’s BootCamp offices in Dubai. They are also on Carrefour and Waitrose shelves.

About Quetta Foods

Quetta Foods is an international, minority-owned family business. American expat Mustafa Quetta, a dynamic and fearless businessman who grew up in Chicago, founded the company in 2013 after moving to Dubai and discovering that healthy milk options are not available locally. Inspired by a true desire to help families eat healthy food, the company sells organic, lactose-free and dairy-free milk to more than 1,000 retailers in 10 emerging markets in the Middle East and Asia. The Koita premium Italian dairy line is currently served in the United States, is non-GMO, shelf-stable, and has a unique, clean taste. In addition to many independent grocery chains and stores, Quetta milk is available at Visit the Koita website at This was followed by koitafoods Instagram And the The social networking site Facebook.

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