It appears that Ron Paul has a stroke in the live broadcast


Ron Paul when he was running for president.

Ron Paul, a retired congressman and former presidential candidate, appears to be suffering from a medical emergency during his live broadcast today. It is not clear if it was a stroke or another problem. He was taken to the hospital.

Ron Paul was speaking naturally on his live broadcast and then began devouring his words

During a live broadcast on Friday, September 25th, Ron Paul suddenly stops being able to speak clearly and begins devouring his words. It was not possible to understand what he was saying and it appeared that he had a medical emergency.

You can watch the video below from his live broadcast, however Be warned that this will be annoying to some viewers. You can skip the video and continue below for more information on what happened to Paul.

Ron Paul appears to be suffering from a strokeRon Paul appears to be suffering from a stroke2020-09-25T17: 20: 41Z

The emergency occurred while he was Freedom Report Live broadcast. He seemed perfectly fine while speaking, and then suddenly his mouth seemed to droop and began to squint his words. These are often signs of a stroke, but an official statement has yet to be released about what happened and how he was doing.

With stroke, the outcome is more optimistic if medical care can be provided immediately. Reported by Mayo Clinic. Since Paul was speaking on a live broadcast when the emergency occurred, he likely received medical attention right away.

Some people discussed online whether the video should be shared, and some suggested that if it was a stroke, then the video could help people know which symptoms to watch. The faster the medical treatment is provided, the better the chance for a cure.

He was taken to hospital for preventive reasons

Chad Bergram of Fox News reported that Paul was being taken to hospital for precautionary reasons.

Many people are now posting prayers and words of hope for Paul on Twitter.

Political commentator Anthony Brian Logan wrote, “Pray for Dr. Ron Paul. It looks like he’s had a stroke or some kind of a live medical episode.”

Former Maine Senator Eric Braque wrote:Thoughts and prayers today with the greatest hero of freedom in a generation, Embed a TweetAnd his family. “

Congressman Chip Roy tweeted: “Prayer to Dr. Ron Paul, Embed a TweetAnd the whole family. Success. “

One supporter wrote on Twitter:Please pray for the former congressman Ron Paul. One of the last good voices for freedom and freedom. The man had a stroke today during a live internet broadcast. He is one of the good people and completely different from the conservatives today. “

Andrew Sorabian, a Republican strategist wrote:I wouldn’t be in politics today without Ron Paul and his 2008 presidential campaign. There are probably many other people with similar stories. Pray for him. “

Kat Tempf tweeted: “I send every ounce of love in all my heart to one of my absolute heroes since forever, Embed a Tweet, right Now.”

Ron Paul had a large following when he ran for the presidency in the Republican primary in 2012. And his supporters were known as Ron Paul’s “rebellion”, I mentioned quartzAnd they wanted the party to notice his liberal ideas. Although Paul did not run in 2016, he still received one electoral vote from Bill Green from CD 34. In May 2018, Green was knocked out as a Republican for his vote and accused of being an anti-feist, he shared it with Heavy. Green passed away in 2019.

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