Is Christian McCaffrey playing Thursday night? Panthers-Falcons fictional injury update

Christian McCaffrey may see the field in Weke 8 for the first time since he was injured in the second game of the year. He has missed the Panthers’ last five matches while dealing with a high ankle sprain that injured him in an infrared light and is now essentially “suspect” ahead of Thursday night’s soccer match against the Falcons. McCaffrey’s active / passive status is clearly going to have a huge impact on fantasy footballers, and they will undoubtedly be looking for updates to his status before making their first major decision in Week 8.

We’ll be here to deliver the latest news below about McCaffrey until the release of the active / inactive report at around 6:50 PM EST on Thursday. For more fictional news, follow us on Twitter Embed a Tweet.

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Is Christian McCaffrey playing Thursday night?

Update: to me Tom Bellisero from NFLMcCaffrey is not expected to play against the Falcons tonight. We’ll be waiting for official confirmation from the team, but at this point, it looks likely that Mike Davis will be the captain of the Panthers again for at least another week.

McCaffrey He returned to practicing cheetahs Early this week, he was seen wearing a contactless T-shirt in training on Mondays and Tuesdays.

While initial reports indicated that McCaffrey was “Long shot” to play the eighth week, The Panthers changed their tone a little on Tuesday. At that point, Panthers coach Matt Rolle indicated he was “Optimist” McCaffrey could play Against the Hawks, so there is at least some optimism from the team that he will fit.

Further entrenching this idea is the fact that McCaffrey was official Dedicated to return from IR Tuesday. That would give the team a chance to activate it before Thursday night’s game if it was ready.

Standard Classifications for Week 8:
Quarterback | Running Back | Broad future | Narrow end | D / ST | Kicker

Unfortunately, that also means that since McCaffrey is still a technician on the IR team It is not necessary to give him a case of injury Thursday night. They only have until 4 PM ET to activate it. If they did, McCaffrey would likely do a pre-match rehearsal to see if he could play, much like Sterling Shepherd did with the Giants last week. So, in essence, McCaffrey should be seen as “questionable” and it could really be a game-time decision.

If McCaffrey played, he would be one of the top five right-back players for Week 8, as he will face the Atlanta defense who has struggled throughout the season in defense and has struggled in particular against passing moves. If he can’t play, Mike Davis will reap the rewards and potentially a low-key RB1 in a great match. When these teams met in Week 5, Davis had 89 accelerated yards, 60 yards (at nine grabs), and a TD receipt.

We’ll soon see if McCaffrey works for the Panthers. Check back frequently for the latest plan updates on McCaffrey, Davis, and Panthers in Week 8.

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