In the UK, a nightclub opens its doors for 3,000 people to test for infection risk

Government The UK has conducted a test to assess the risk of infection with the new COVID-19 virusFor this operation, I held a party Huge in a popular nightclub in Liverpool.

A party without a mask and no healthy distance

Thousands of people, Without using a mask, nor respecting the sanitary distance, They can dance on Fridays and She will continue to do so on Saturday at a nightclub in Liverpool, In the north of England, In a test organized by the British government To assess the risk of coronavirus infection.

Disco circus From Liverpool it was open From 2:00 PM to 11:00 PM, local time on Friday and this schedule will run on Saturday, May 1.

The music was responsible for well-known music producers such as Sven Fat, Fat Boy Slim, or Youssef Zahar, the club’s founder.

How many people have attended this test in Liverpool?

The Liverpool Circus nightclub opened its doors to 3,000 people on Friday. | Photo: Reuters

The organizers appreciated attendance Three thousand people every day, for an exceptional event, the benefit of which has been sold out.

The assistants had to run some tests

To be able to enter it was It is imperative to submit a negative antigen test for COVID-19.

“Attendees will also be required to take a PCR test before and after the event to contribute to the investigation and ensure that any transmission of the virus is adequately controlled,” the government stated on its website.

There would be a hand sanitizer gel, but the use of a mask was not mandatory.

“The event dubbed ‘First Dance’ (First Dance) will be ‘a historic moment for electronic music and all events in the UK,’ said DJ Youssef in a statement.

What is the purpose of these events?

These two dance nights are part of Dozens of pilot tests aim to study the risks of transmission of the coronavirus between crowds, in order to better organize the reopening of major sporting and cultural events.

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Other tests include a party Brit Awards, The British Pop Music Awards, which will take place on May 11 in front of an audience of 4,000 people, And the English Football Cup FinalAnd the May 15 at Wembley StadiumWhich will also be attended by spectators.

The United Kingdom, the country worst affected by COVID-19 in Europe

With more than 127,000 deaths due to COVID-19, the United Kingdom is the country worst affected by the epidemic in Europe.

But the health situation has improved significantly, with fewer than 3,000 injuries per day and nearly 20 deaths per dayWhich prompted the government to gradually reduce its third restriction imposed since the beginning of January.

United kingdom The test is in this nightclub to assess the risk of catching COVID-19 infection, Since prof Nightclubs reopen next June 21.

Other countries embarked on large-scale experiments. In Spain, an experimental concert of grupo lesbians love 5,000 people gathered on March 27 in BarcelonaThe participants danced without a distance but in FFPA masks and after undergoing an antigen test before the ceremony.

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