“I was vaccinated.” It is a storm

“I was vaccinated.” Vincenzo de Luca announced that he had received the coronavirus vaccine and a storm broke out. Through a Facebook post, the governor of Campania introduces himself as “sick” on the fifth day, which is the opening day of the vaccination campaign. It is important that we win the battle against Covid19 and return to normal life. Without abandoning our caution and respecting the rules, ”de Luca wrote,“ we must all do this in the coming weeks. ”He also posted a photo of him while receiving his dose at Cotugno Hospital. Thus De Luca became one of 9,750 Italians to receive the Pfizer-Biontech vaccine: the only political among doctors, nurses, and elderly guests in RSA.

A presence that does not go unnoticed. He was the first to attack Luigi de Magistres, mayor of Naples. “I find the abuse of President De Luca’s power really indescribable and unworthy, who uses his institutional role to get vaccinated when, in the first weeks, the vaccine is exclusively allocated, taking into account the very few quantities available, to doctors, nurses and elderly health workers,” says President Municipality, a recurring goal for Lucca in recent weeks. Near him, Matteo Salvini also took the hit: “Governor de Luca took the vaccine from someone who needed it more than him. Doctors, nurses, health personnel, law enforcement and vulnerable people deserve respect and seriousness, not politicians like the Marquis del Grillo,” says the League Leader.

“It can be decided that those who hold important public office are included in the categories to be vaccinated immediately. However, it seems to me that the decision was taken differently. So what is the characteristic of De Luca vaccination on the first day?” Asks the spokesperson for the Italian left, Nicolas Frattoyani. “The totally unacceptable thing is that those in public office – as a Leo representative concluded – don’t care about the rules. So it’s just a demonstration of unacceptable arrogance.”

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Giorgia Meloni, the Brotherhood’s leader in Italy, questions the government. “Conte, Speranza and Arcuri repeat to us every day that the first doses of the vaccine will be intended for healthcare workers and the elderly in the Republic of South Africa. A just and sacred principle. Nevertheless, the Italian brothers ask the government a simple question and demand an equal answer. Simply put: Why was the ruler of Campania vaccinated. De Luca today? ”Meloni says.

“Because we do not know that De Luca is a health worker or that he lives in a nursing home. Is there anything that we do not know? Is there a distinct pathway for left-wing politicians? Italians demand immediate clarity.”

The position taken by the 5-Star Movement is also clear. “Today, the President of the Campania region went to the Cotogno Hospital in Naples and was vaccinated with one of the first doses that reached Campania. The vaccine is a responsible action that cannot be an object of propaganda or a race to find out who is the first politician to be vaccinated,” stated Campania MPs from the 5-Star Movement in Social Affairs Committee in the House of Representatives. “We stigmatize this bad exploitation: the vaccines, in this first stage, are exclusively for doctors, nurses, health workers and the elderly in the Republic of South Africa. De Luca’s unacceptable behavior follows another threat not to reopen schools in Campania on January 7th, contrary to the semantics of scientists.”

Among the local administrators, Verona’s mayor, Federico Spoarina, makes himself heard. He told Adnkronos: “The vaccine should be given to those who really need it, and it should not be a privilege for anyone who crosses the line. Now it is essential to provide protection for doctors and the elderly.”

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De Luca can, at least, count on the solidarity of his colleague Donato Touma. “A symbolic act, I don’t find anything scandalous,” the president of Molise told Adnkronos. “Not a sign of criticism, on the other hand, in the United States, Biden was the first to get vaccinated precisely because the president is considered a symbol of American unity, and thus sets an example in a moment of uncertainty about the results of the vaccine,” about possible contraindications, “Touma asserts. I will not enter into the scathing rhetoric about vaccines to politicians. However, it must be kept in mind that in an emergency – explains Touma – the district chief is the highest civil protection authority. Personally, I was not among the people identified for vaccination and did not get vaccinated. If they had known me, I would have done it, “Touma adds, specifying that when his time comes he will be vaccinated.” I don’t have specific reasons for saying no. “

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