Hunter x Hunter will leave Netflix in March!

NetflixAs you know, I decided to invest heavily in Japanese animation, which guarantees the landing of some of the most important anime series at the moment, such as Demon Slayer The My Hero Academy, And the production of others, among which stands out BakiAnd the Monsters H The Seven Deadly Sins. But for some great series to come, there are others leaving the world’s most popular streaming platform. This is the case with Hunter X Hunter.

The beloved anime based on the famous manga of Yoshihiro Togashi In fact, the next stage will revive the broadcast giant March 7. In fact, this does not apply to all areas affected by the service: in BelgiumAnd the FranceAnd the IndiaAnd the GermanyAnd the Singapore H Thailand The series will continue to air, while the four seasons currently available in United States of America And in all other regions. This also means that the Fifth season The manga-inspired togashi series will ever arrive Netflix.

So the Flowing Giant will never show the narrative arcs of Antichimere Based on electionsPerhaps the highest point of the series. Fortunately though Hunter X Hunter It remains available on other services, such as Crunchy Roll.

a series Togashi It’s just the last headlines Fenimation to leave of Netflix: Previously it was actually the role of the first season of the attack of Giants Based on A story of fiction. This may be dueAgreement between Funimation and Crunchyroll Resulting in the creation of a large column dedicated to sponsored anime Sony. Ago Hunter X Hunter Following the same fate, fans may begin to worry about what will happen to him One piece Based on Soul Eater.

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Recently a manga Hunter X Hunter Did not score a Register at Negativo, Absent from Weekly Shonen Jump For more 100 consecutive numbers From the magazine. Action sequence Togashi She has always been particularly troubled, mainly due to the mangaka’s health.

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