From the green light cyclists to a super ministry of environmental transformation. The special envoy for climate hypothesis appeared

Ultimately, the Ministry of Environmental Transition will be in Draghi’s fledgling government there. This was reported by WWF President Donatella Bianchi at the end of the environmentalists ’delegation meeting with the responsible prime minister. The guarantor of the Five Stars movement, Pepe Grillo, had been urgently requested by this ministry in the past few hours, citing similar cases in France, Spain and Switzerland and hoping for a unification between the ministries of economic development and the environment, led so far in succession by Ministers Stefano Patanelli and Sergio Costa .

During the meeting – during which Draghi adopted the same position of consultations with the parties, listening to his interlocutors and taking notes – the responsible prime minister emphasized that the environment will be at the heart of his government’s work. As it relates Open Executive Director of the Italian Greenpeace Giuseppe OnofrioDraghi, who was present at the meeting, sums up his idea of ​​the CEO in three terms: “pro-European, Atlantic and environmental.” The delegation consisting of representatives from WWF, Greenpeace and Legambiente had also proposed the creation of a figure similar to the special envoy of the US President for Climate, John Kerry, a position that could be entrusted to the next Supreme Secretary.

In response to this particular proposal, Draghi announced the creation of a new ministry that should combine environmental and economic development policies, and merge the two ministries. There is no conception of merging with the Ministry of Transport, A. Open National Head of Legambiente Stefano Ciavani, Who, compared to the potential profile of a higher minister, adds: “The prime minister did not tell us anything about the name, but we made sure to ask that the minister be a highly qualified person, because you have to make the right choices in a short time.”

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Draghi’s government: “pro-European, Atlantic and environmental”

Numerous proposals have been put forward by environmentalists: from tax reform to remove environmentally harmful subsidies to a national law on public debate (“to ensure that these are 209 billion euros, which will lead to the opening of hundreds if not thousands of construction sites in Italy spent in agreement with Regions »Ciafani identifies, through improving public controls and strengthening the national system of environmental protection. With regard to the investments envisaged in the recovery plan, the demand was to finance only the” right business “, that is, renewable energy sources.

On Facebook, Foreign Minister Di Maio praised the initiative of Pepe Grillo which “once again – you read the post – presented the country with an important vision with the proposal, which was approved by the responsible Prime Minister Mario Draghi, to create a Ministry of Environmental Transition”. Sayyafani commented, “We have talked about it for at least 20 years,” and described the session as “very, very positive.” “He has astonished us with his institutional position – adds Legambiente President – he has demonstrated great awareness of environmental policies and how they are intertwined with many areas, from the circular economy and the development of renewable energy sources to sustainable agriculture and zero-emissions mobility.”

Draghi promises and vote on Russo

If environmentalists react positively, to understand what the movement’s assessment will be, we will have to wait until tomorrow when a vote on Rousseau is expected as activists will have to say yes or no to Draghi’s government. The question, expected in the evening, provides an explicit reference to the transition ministry – and according to some M5S parliamentary sources – yes Draghi plus a possible connection between the responsible prime minister and Grillo could facilitate the release of the impasse. In motion.

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Russo should be voted anyway before the reserve is dissolved by Draghi, which is expected – according to informed sources – starting Friday. From here to the next few hours, M5S sources clarified, there may be new connections about the type of government, be it political, technical, or a combination of the two, which is what the former ECB governor is thinking. With an attachment: in the first case, it is clear that the Ministry of Environmental Transformation will be required by the M5S.

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