How to furnish an apartment in a small space

Living in a confined space? Not a problem. With a few simple tips, you can accommodate different living areas in one room.

The basics in brief

  • Living in confined spaces becomes a challenge in times of working at home.
  • It makes more sense to plan rather than assemble the facility.
  • The important elements are: zoning, setting boundaries, and storage space.
  • Sofa bed or comfortably welcoming guests? Knowing your priorities helps when choosing furniture.

Sleep near the stove. Working next to the tempting sofa: One-room apartments are a challenge for everyday life. Especially now, when many workers are increasingly forced to work at home in this one room.

But one-room apartments are still in demand – and the trend is on the rise. Because rents are rising in cities, large apartments are increasingly unaffordable for many singles.

And: Even in the suburbs or at least near a train station, travelers often look for small accommodations, says fashion analyst Gabriella Kaiser.

Interior designer Eva-Maria Wüscht says the minimalism movement has also emerged for a number of years. More and more people are choosing a low-key and individually adapted lifestyle and lifestyle.

Even small apartments are a trend.

Is a sofa bed really practical?

And how do you live well in a small space? Multifunctional and therefore space-saving furniture alone is not the solution to the problem in one-room apartments.

Rather, it makes sense not just to throw the furniture together, but to plan it to the last detail.

Example: Sofa beds are a practical solution to use space effectively. On the one hand to sit and receive friends, on the other hand to sleep.

But remodeling the bed every evening and morning is too stressful for many, reports interior designer Wüscht. If you want to receive guests, a larger table or sofa is worth it.

Create a structure

Even if everyday life takes place in only one room, it is possible to create different zones and separate them from each other. Room dividers, curtains or filigree shelves are suitable for this.

Living expert Gabriella Kaiser particularly recommends free-standing shelves that look airy and aren’t too deep or bulky but still provide storage space.

In addition, pallets, rugs or different design colors create visual islands in the room. If the height of the room is suitable, then the loft beds can also be used as a second level, with a desk, a sitting area or shelves under them.

The lighting should be for different zones: while bright and cold lighting is more appropriate in the kitchen and at work, one should create a cozy atmosphere in the living room with warm lighting, Kaiser advises.

Recessed lights or movable ceiling and wall lights provide flexibility.

Storage space is best under the bed

Storage space is important in all apartments, and closed storage areas make a small room look tidy.

According to interior designer Wüscht, the space under the bed is perfect for this, especially since this piece of furniture often takes up most of the space anyway.

And some small pieces of furniture offer fun additional options: footstools with built-in storage. Moreover, some models can be turned into a living room table with some kind of drawer to put it on.

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