How is it when you can walk through a work of art? – culture

In Rust and Stuttgart, you can now stroll among paintings by Franz Marc or Piet Mondrian using virtual reality glasses. Are these pure bells and whistles or is it a great way to teach low-threshold art?

A good painting comes alive in the eye of the beholder. The colours, shapes and representations in the large works radiate great vitality and despite the limitations of the 2D format, one feels drawn to the artist’s subject matter.
Is another step still needed? Do you really have to be able to walk through artwork in three dimensions in virtual space?
You can do this in Rust as well as at the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart. “Artiality” is the name of the figure that can be seen until this weekend in Stuttgart and thereafter permanently in Yullbe, on the edge of Europa-Park. Yullbe is a new show from Mack-Next, where you can explore strange worlds using virtual reality glasses. For example, while navigating a room, one experiences the illusion of moving freely across a landscape or chasing fictional characters.
Since Friday you can…

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