Hamilton is not under investigation by the FIA, the governing body to clarify its guidance

Lewis Hamilton He will not now face an FIA investigation into the shirt he wore to the Tuscan Grand Prix, GPFans learned.

It was believed that the six-time F1 champ may have violated FIA laws with his shirt highlighting police brutality in the US, and calling for the arrest of those involved.

During the now-usual pre-race anti-racism demonstration, in his TV interview straight after the race after winning the Grand Prix 90, and again while standing on the podium, Hamilton wore a T-shirt with the message “ Arrest the cops who killed Briona Taylor. In the back there was a picture of Taylor and the phrase “Say her name”.

A 26-year-old medical worker was shot and killed in March by plainclothes police officers who accidentally raided her home in Louisville, Kentucky.

While one of the officers involved has since been dismissed, and two others have been appointed to administrative duties, no criminal charges have been brought against any of the three officers.

The FIA ​​had initially stated that the matter was “under active study.”

However, no complaints have been lodged with the referees in Mugello about the potentially offensive shirt, while the FIA ​​will not investigate the matter. Mercedes Hamilton driver personally.

Instead, the world’s motorsport governing body should conduct a review of pre- and post-race guidelines on what to wear and what not to wear, and a clarification is set to be made.

The suggestion is T-shirts or other clothing of nature that Hamilton wears on Sundays is unlikely to be tolerated in the future.

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Of course, the “End Racism” shirts that all drivers currently wear during the pre-race anti-racism rally, and the “Black Lives Matter” T-shirts, as Hamilton previously wore, will continue to be permitted.

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