Euskadi minimally falls before solid Finland

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Women’s handball

The Basques played a big role in their premiere in the international tournament and faced a much better opponent until the last minute

The Euskadi women’s handball team gave an outstanding performance at the premiere of the Basque Country Women’s International Cup. A tough challenge was the challenge facing the Basques in Sakonita, against Finland who had the fitness advantage. However, they knew how to measure and made things very difficult for them. Euskadi took a two-goal lead with ten minutes remaining, but the strength of the Finns ended up imposing a minimum, ending the match 27-26. On Friday, the Basque national team will return to training Birango, where it will face Argentina.

The Basque Country Women’s International Cup attracts great international talent in handball between Thursday and Friday. Which is why it was presented as an unmissable event for fans of the sport and the Sacconita stands were packed to watch both matches. Even Luxembourg and Brazil, before the Basque national team played, were well received by the public. At this meeting, logic prevailed and the Brazilians defeated the Luxembourgians with great power, as evidenced by the final score: 15-47.

The Basque Country team had a good representation of players from the active Basque Bera Bera and Zuazo teams in the top women’s national handball category. All of them were able to attend this international event without any hindrance due to the league break caused by the World Cup which was held on the Valencian territory. Sports center Sakonita Leutara hosted the Basque Country’s first match against a very strong, physically fit and challenging Finland.

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Finnish women began to work much more and made their own demands very clear from the start. In the first minutes, they scored four goals without Oscadi seeing the door. It seemed that there was no color between them. However, Esther Arrojeria’s first goal made them believe and they managed to reduce the rent to just one goal in just ten minutes. Finland had everything he had from afar and Oskady had a tough time surprising a strong opponent’s defence. Only the great deeds of Arrojeria, Loidi and Menéndez await them.

Therefore, the match was delayed 15-10, looking at the scoreboard in the first half. The start of the second half was completely different. The Basques completely dominated the situation until they returned with a quarter of an hour remaining in the match, with an outstanding performance in defense and attack. From that moment on, everything was divided into sections and anyone could impose on their opponent. However, a 4-0 lead ten minutes from time for the Finns took a toll on the Basque Country, who ended up just one goal away from capturing what could have been worthy of a draw.

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