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Tom Joseph, director of the new initiative at Jane Demid Toby University, said graduate degrees that expire should not be issued in the new age as skills and job capabilities change. He was speaking on “Internet Challenges and the Future” at the Texpectations Educate 2021 Digital Online Summit organized by Manorama Online.

Tom Joseph said it takes time for the system to renew his grades even after completing a course. Online education has opened up new possibilities for universities. This time we have the opportunity to do courses not only offline but also online. Digital or online learning has been here for a decade now, but Kovid is making it more popular‍‍‍. Tom Joseph added that transitioning to an online university was challenging but we were able to overcome those challenges and move forward with more excellence.

The growth of technology has transformed all sectors, including education. Covid had this growth before it, but new conditions speeded it up. Tom Joseph added that the quality and prevalence of education is increasing online and even those with a job cannot keep up if skills do not improve in the new era.

Abstract in English: Techspectations Educate 2021 – Tom Joseph-Director – New Institutions- Jain (Deemed-to-be University)

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