Gold in Finland and Australia !: Mawson Gold is digging its best spots at full speed and has already had a hit! Page 1

Environmental Impact Assessment is just beginning on the Rajapalot project, and it is an important step towards the production decision. Australia is also performing well and the stock is undervalued.

Mawson Gold Limited is a Canada-listed gold mining company with high-quality gold assets in Tier 1 friendly mining areas of Finland and Australia. It has established itself as a leading North / Arctic exploration company with a primary focus on the Flagship Gold Rajapalot Project in Finland. In addition to the guaranteed gold resource, this property also has an economical cobalt deposit, which will not only launder money in the company’s cash register, but in particular can facilitate the future approval process, as the government in Finland has extremely high levels of cobalt deposits as part Interested in the expansion of the electrical movement. On February 23, Mawson announced the commencement of two major planning processes, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and land use planning, for the 100% owned Rajapalot project in Finland. The purpose of the EIA process is to obtain information about the environmental impact of the project, to facilitate consideration of environmental concerns in planning and decision-making processes and to give the public and other interest groups the opportunity to participate in and influence these processes. The initiation of EIA and land use planning is evidence of strong, long-term support from local stakeholders for one of Finland’s most strategically important gold cobalt projects. As the project moves from exploration to advanced studies, Mawson will continue to work in the same transparent and open manner to gain social acceptance from the local community to make this strategic gold and cobalt project risk-free for the future benefit of all involved.

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