Gold Cup 2021: What must happen to Mexico and the United States to face?

The meeting between Mexico and the United States is the most anticipated in the 2021 Gold Cup.

The Gold Cup 2021 Awakened anticipation of the possibility of confrontation Mexico and the United States What does defeat mean? the end of CONCACAF Nations League Final Four نهائي Who won the Stars and Stripes group.

However, both options They lived in different scenarios On the group stage of the championship held in the American Federation. While the team Greg Berhalter Dominating, Gerardo “Tata” Martino’s team came from less to more and chased El Salvador, who would play against him on the third date.

While the Mexican team occupies Second place in the first group with four unitsThe United States is level with Canada in second place in Group B with six points, although the goal difference is an additional factor.

There are different scenarios that would lead to a confrontation between the two in different rounds of the final stage of the CONCACAF Championship, which we present below:

Between Mexico and the United States there can be no clash in the quarter-finals, as Alteri can only face the first in the group and the second in the fourth, either Honduras, Panama, Qatar or second place in the sector to the first. group d.

The United States can face the second in Group C as the first in Group B, whether Costa Rica or Jamaica, or second in Group B first in Group C, either of the two teams mentioned above.

To meet in the semi-finals, it is essential that they win their matches in the quarter-finals no matter where they advance, because cross passes give the chance to crash into the front of the grand final.

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In order for there to be a title match between the two, it would be necessary for Mexico and the United States to finish in the same position in their group and win the quarter-finals and semi-finals, with Mexico taking first and the United States. Secondly, and vice versa, they will block it.

The schedule is set to have a rematch between two finalists lost by those led by Tata Martino and the best case scenario for her would be Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, next August 1.

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