‘Ghosts’ n Goblins Resurrection’ on the Switch isn’t quite a required replay of the series

Fans of classic Capcom games have a lot to look forward to on the Switch next year, but I’m not so sure Resurrection of ghosts and demons It will be the game we were hoping for.

Before we get to Resurrection of ghosts and demons The good news though, is that Capcom Arcade Stadium It is also on its way to the switch next year with 32 classic Capcom Arcade games.

Naturally, this group includes both the parent Ghosts of Ghouls And the Ghosts’ n Goblins, Something at least.

However, the new trailer for the GResurrection goblins Do not fill me with confidence. Mainly because the art style looks like something outside of Monty Python and doesn’t keep up with the gorgeous art design of the original games.

After releasing Ultimate Ghosts’ n Goblins On the PSP in 2006, we didn’t have a new game in the series (mobile games don’t count here). So I’m a little disappointed what we get here in the form of this Resurrection of ghosts and demons Reboot.

This is where I talk about the amazing Makimura Series, Which is the original name for these games. Beside that Red ARMER A spin-off streak, which is something this trailer refers to as everyone’s favorite red gargoyle look.

Personally, I prefer to remake the classics Maximo Games or all new and proper Makimura Game, but I assume we’ll have to settle for this reboot instead.

Both Capcom Arcade Stadium And the Resurrection of ghosts and demons The adapter will be released in February.

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