German Women’s League before the final race: Wolfsburg “has nothing to lose”

Licking wounds in the loser, new optimism in the winner: the 2-0 DFB Cup semi-final against Bayern Munich not only led Wolfsburg to the final (30 May in Cologne vs Frankfurt), but also reinforced hope. The title struggle with the Munich women in the league might be exciting after all. Because maybe FCB isn’t quite as immune as it sounds. What speaks clearly about Bayern: In the league, the record is impeccable with 17 wins in 17 games and only three goals (!) Are received (an average of four goals per match), VfL is five points behind. The cup match in Wolfsburg was the first game of the season in which Munich conceded more than one goal.


But: If after the international break on 17./18. April continues FCB has a more aggressive program Not only because rivals in the Bundesliga are waiting in the last five matches of the season, but also because the semi-finals of the Champions League against Chelsea that defeated Wolfsburg are waiting between them. The fact that the high frequency of important matches can become a factor is evident in Pokal-Aus in Wolfsburg. “We fell asleep during the first half …” coach Jens Scheuer said after the third away game in seven days, as was Bayern commenting former Vflerin Lina Magull: “We didn’t just show what we showed in the last few weeks.”

One thing is clear: if VfL still wants to have a chance to catch Bayern Munich in a direct duel in the third to last round of the league (9/8 May), the leaders must have made a foul at least once before. Next FCB England’s week could be decisive: On Saturday, April 17th, they will face third-placed Hoffenheim, after four days (Wednesday, April 21) they will play the first leg in Potsdam before next Saturday in the first division against Chelsea. “If Bayern survived this week without a mistake,” says Ralph Killerman, VFL’s director of women’s sports, “we have to assume the race is over.”

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VfL knows very well the pressure a handful of critical games can take in a few days. This season, the appointment situation in Wolfsburg has been a little more relaxed than the situation in Bavaria. “We have virtually nothing to lose,” says Kellerman.Second place and thus qualification for the next Champions League is certain. “

It goes without saying that VfL can no longer fault his small chances at the tournament. So it’s important that the Wolfsburg squad now be good, unlike a lot of the first half of the season, Iowa Bajor comes after a long (knee) break. OP) by getting closer and closer to their top level, it turns out that Alexandra Pope’s injury from the Bayern match wasn’t as serious as he initially feared. However, the German captain may have to give up the international match against Australia on Saturday and he could only play against Norway on Tuesday.

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