German Olympic champion stands by himself completely – ‘too careless’

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In harsh outdoor conditions, beach volleyball players had to play for medals, and ARD expert Julius Brink responded with criticism.

TOKYO – Commerce in sports and the welfare of athletes – seldom align. and also with Olympic Games in Tokyo *Where tropical heat is currently the order of the day. Some athletes have already complained about the conditions of the German Olympic beach volleyball champion Julius Brink * I found clear words about the situation in Japan.

Olympia: Beach volleyball decisions in tropical heat – Olympic champion blames TV stations

At around 35 degrees, U.S. Alex Kleinman/April Ross and Australian Maria Artacio del Solar/Talico Clancy faced each other Friday in the scorching afternoon sun. Prior to that, a match for third place was held at 10:00 am local time in Tokyo Harbor. The inappropriateness of the schedule from a health point of view was caused by the broadcast rights of an American sports broadcaster, which made ARD Brink experts controversial.

“The beach volleyball players were moved from here because the big outside donor, NBC, bought Primetime,” he said during the game. Bronze Medal* Barbs are followed. “It takes on a trait that makes me very angry and angry,” said the 2012 Olympic champion. “We see disabled players here in the heat and I also find it very careless somewhere to schedule matches like this.”

Olympic beach volleyball champion Julius Brink gave way to his frustration with the fixings.

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The 39-year-old said he is “not critical of the fact that it’s warm here, and everyone knows it”. However, there were opportunities to “play the games differently for health reasons, but not use them for purely commercial reasons”. with the others Sports* The reaction of the organizers was completely different.

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Olympics: Games in other disciplines postponed – Tokyo warns residents about outdoor sports

Even at the tennis tournament, some players – including Olympic champion Alexander Zverev – criticized the hot and humid weather, which is why officials postponed matches until the evening. The women’s soccer final between Sweden and Canada, scheduled for Friday, was also moved from noon to evening hours (9 p.m. local time) and from Tokyo’s Olympic Stadium to Yokohama.

As during transmission beach volleyball* – The end of the women’s game between Australia and the United States was reported on ARD, citizens fled the streets of Tokyo in air-conditioned rooms. In addition, residents have been warned not to exercise outdoors, while at the same time the best athletes perform best in the Tokyo heat. (ajr) * is a display from IPPEN.MEDIA

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