Generation 56k, could there be a season 2 on Netflix?

The 56k generation is available to stream for a few days on the Netflix digital platform and many supporters of Comedy group The Jackal They managed to enjoy their first appearance in a television series. In a few days the all-Italian production will be one of the most popular, but will there be a second season?

The series hit Netflix, with the usual number of eight episodes, on July 1, 2021. His success is there for all to see, so much so that perhaps Netflix decides to start a lucrative and long-term collaboration with the Neapolitan comic group. In a possible second season, everyone is still silent, but there are some small rumors.

During the press conference to present the director’s series Francesco Ebbasta I showed:

“There is no stand-alone story, if there is a will you can continue, the bag we are referring to is very rich. The stories of the other characters are the background to the story of Daniel and Matilda, and the possibilities are infinite.”

According to these words, there can not only be a second season, but Other seasons later as well For a long lasting and durable product. However, the choice will be left only to Netflix executives who will have to decide whether to grant a sequel or end the experience with the first season.

Opinions recorded in the first weeks after launch and approval from the public and critics should be taken into account. However, we remember that the first season focuses mainly on the bonds of friendship and thus love between them Daniel and Matilda, since 1998, when they were just children, the Internet has recently entered homes, to the present, which sees them gradually falling in love and also taking advantage of new technologies.

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Season one finale Leave the situation unfinished, so it could also indicate the continuation of the second season. Thus, in a possible continuation, viewers may have the opportunity to watch the development of their relationship or explore the lives of other characters such as, for example, Sandro and Luca It remained, so far, only in outlines.

We just have to wait for official information from Netflix. Do you want a second season? Tell us in the comments in the appropriate section at the bottom of the article. If you haven’t watched the first season of Generation 56k yet, take a look at our review of Generation 56k and our interview with Fru and Fabio Balsamo from The Jackal.

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