From Biden to Navalny / The US Network to Destabilize Ukraine and Kazakhstan

From Biden to Navalny / The US Network to Destabilize Ukraine and Kazakhstan

How do you use China Confucius Institutes In order to apply its soft power, the United States is similarly proceeding in Ukraine with an anti-Russian mission.

Although it has not yet obtained its license from the Ukrainian Ministry of Education, the American University of Kiev (Auk) is expected to open its doors in the coming months. Former diplomat Kurt Volker, of lobbying firm BGR Group, has been closely involved in promoting the university’s business and IT courses to ensure it quickly establishes itself in the Ukrainian academic scene. To increase his chances, Volcker, a former ambassador to NATO, can count on Auk’s strong sponsor, Arizona State University (ASU), which has been headed by Michael Crowe for nearly two decades, and who has also headed the venture capital community for the CIA. -Q-Tel since 1999.

Seen by some as the initiator of a new American university model, Crow intends to apply the same methods at Auk — as has been done at universities in Mexico, Ecuador, India and Kazakhstan — with the help of the Cintana Education Alliance, a network of universities sponsored by Arizona State University. Who are the partners of this university?

Mamuka Tsereteli, former Economic Adviser at the US Embassy in Tbilisi, Founder and Chair of the US-Georgian Business Council, and member of the Central Asia-Caucasus Institute and Silk Road Studies Program in Washington; Oleksi Shershniov, President of Wings & Freeman Goginava who also collaborates with Cherchniov on the American Hospitality Kyiv hotel chain, owned by Cherchniov’s longtime business partner Oleksi Kotkovskiy, with whom he co-founded the American Hospitality Kyiv hospitality group.

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The university’s president is Roman Sheremita, Professor of Behavioral Economics, and the president is Rick Shangrao, who previously developed startup incubators and ran Cintana Education at Arizona State University. But to be sure, the central figure of US soft power in Ukraine remains Volcker who represented NATO on the US Security Council from 2001 to 2005, during the Bush presidency and who previously worked at McLarty Associates, the strategic consulting firm founded by former President Bill Clinton of Thomas staff. McClarty before joining the London-based Turkish-American corporate intelligence firm, Idesus which he later left. Volcker continues to manage the Washington-based company Alliance of Strategists.

What has just been said deserves further study.

Washington remains active in Kazakh news networks Attraverso la Ong National Endowment for Democracy (Ned), one of the most effective tools of American soft power on the planetary level.

The events of early January may cause the government of Kasim-Jomart Tokayev to be more vigilant towards foreign networks established in the country. The Biden administration wields its soft power in particular Through non-governmental organizations and opponents close to the ousted oligarch Mukhtar Ablyazov.

The arrest of Karim Masimov on January 8 caused an uproar in the United States. The American press has in fact highlighted a photo taken in 2015 in Washington, which shows President (then Vice President) Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden, along with Massimov and financial magnate Kings Rakishev, famous confidants of former President Nursultan Nazarbayev’s son-in-law , Timur Kulibachev. It is enough to exacerbate the indignation of the republican clan, in particular, which is critical of the president’s son, which has already been criticized on several issues related to his relations with Ukraine.

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But on the ground, the Biden administration is instead relying on networks in the orbit of the disgraced oligarch who has become the regime’s opponent, Mukhtar Abliazzo.v, whose supporters in the country are often close to Ned.

During the nearly forty years of its existence, the NED has granted funding to more than fifteen Kazakh organizations with different attributes: NGOs, media or research centers. The proactiveness of the American NGO was widely supported by its former director – since 1984 – Karl Gershman. The latter retired last year, at the age of 77, to be replaced by Damon Wilson, who is also vice chair of the Atlantic Research Council. A former aide to George Robertson, then Secretary General of NATO, Wilson was Director of European Affairs at the White House National Security Council (NSC) under George W. Bush. He is currently an advisor to the US-Ukrainian Business Council.

Wilson knows he can rely on the diplomatic networks of former diplomat Ross Wilson, who frequents the secrets of the Atlantic Council. This former Special Adviser to the Minister of New Independent States of the former Soviet Union shares his diplomatic experiences in Moscow, Prague, Baku, Ankara, Tbilisi and Kabul with the Eurasia Foundation.

British chancellor and journalist, of Russian origin, Irina Petrochova is one of the prominent figures of the NED fighters, close to the Ablyazov networks. The London-based CA Center for Analysis and Research is managed, with the help of lawyers Oleg Degtyarev and Ivana Chivlyakova, directors of the UK law firm. She worked briefly in 2017 in Kazakhstan and the Central Asian Intelligence Center with her ex-husband, Khytzan Kittybaev.

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Petrochova is now married to an older brother, Murat-bey Kittybayev, loyal to the Ablyazov clan, who was once persecuted by the Nazarbayev government. The couple runs the news site together thanks to Ned funding Kazakhstan 2.0, through which he directed harsh criticism of the Qasim-Jomart Tokayev regime. If Petrochova says that he distanced himself from Ablyazov, then at least officially he is following the activities of Russian opponent Alexei Navalny.

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