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The future of the global climate is being negotiated at the United Nations Climate Conference in Glasgow. Orchestras from all over the world send out a musical cue with the Uncertain Four Seasons. NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchester is also involved.

by Peter Helling

In order to make climate change heard, 14 orchestras around the world have recorded “Four Seasons” Vivaldi in modified order. The original observations were transformed using geoclimatic data.

In the fall of Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” it is a beautiful, windy and full of life: the harvest time festival. In the Academics from NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchester In the executed version, which was changed based on the climatic data of the heavily affected Maldives, it is difficult to recognize autumn again. The music sounds desolate – symbolizing the irreversible destruction of the earth.

Observations were transformed using KEMA data

Composer Hugh Crostwaite and Monash University’s Climate Change Communication Research Center in Australia transformed Vivaldi’s masterpiece from 1725 to 2050 using the latest climate data from various geographical locations. says Joachim Kortlepel, general creative director of Jung von Matt Agency.

The widget from Hamburg works with data from the Maldives. “There are two important areas that are interconnected, the world of music and the world of science, that is the primary mission of this project,” says Kortlepel. “I think there are only two languages ​​spoken in the entire world: one is love and one is music. We take that as a transmitter and put the truth of science into it.”

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‘Four Unconfirmed Seasons’: Referring to Grievances with Art

Academics at NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchester recorded a modified fall in the Maldives under the direction of concert vice president Marietta Kratz.

Jung von Matt Agency had the idea for the project in 2019. Under the title “For Seasons,” the NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchestra musicians under the direction of master master Alan Gilbert Vivaldi “Four Seasons” sounded like never before on the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie stage.

For the new project, the agency was able to get 14 orchestras from around the world to participate – including in Kenya, Australia and Venezuela. “In Slovenia, the Marshall Islands played a cut, autumn is silent because you can’t hear anything,” Kortlepel explains. Gone are plants and corals – a dead place.

“Art and music have always been there to point out grievances and problems, and they can do that too, and they can do it very radically,” Hannah Ruschepaul says. The cellist is one of 12 academics from the Elbphilharmonie Orchestra who have re-recorded the world-famous piece.

“The Uncertain Four Seasons”: An alarm bell

Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” This classic music hack, of all things, has something liberating about it: it’s a wake-up call. “We play music that was there before, but the world is changing, and that’s exactly the intersection between our project, the Four Seasons, and climate change,” says Miranda Ehrlich, who plays double bass.

The project comes just in time for the young musicians. “The more I dealt with it, the more scared I got,” admits Hannah Rocheball. This is also evident in music, because the algorithm feeds climate data projected from 2050 into the outcome if the curve is not worked out in time. It distorts them and thus intentionally harms them.

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