Formula 1: Strict action! Will it be a problem now?

Formula 1: Strict action! Will it be a problem now?

Formula 1: These are the 10 most legendary roads

Formula 1: These are the 10 most legendary roads

Year after year, Formula 1 holds its races on the most exciting racetracks in the world. We show you the most legendary first-class courses.

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Two years ago, the Australian Grand Prix had to be canceled a few hours before kick-off – it was the start of a chaotic season in Formula 1.

in 2022 Formula 1 We now hope to return to Australia. A few months before the Melbourne race, there is now a clear announcement from the organizer. It can become a problem for teams.

Formula 1: The rules are clear! Australia has no exceptions

Entry drama about Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic followed the entire world. After a long back and forth, “Joker” was kicked out. Formula 1 stars can also be refused entry to the Australian GP if they do not meet the conditions.

Melbourne GP Chairman Andrew Westacott stated clearly: “The rules for entering the country and Formula 1 are simple. Vaccination is required to participate in the event. There will be no exceptions for anyone.”


the Formula 12022 race calendar

  • March 20 Bahrain GP (Season Opening)
  • March 27, Saudi Arabia GP
  • 10. April Australian-GP
  • 24 – April Emilia-Romagna-GP (Imola)
  • 8. Never Miami-GP
  • May 22 Spain GP
  • 29. Mai Monaco-GP
  • June 12 Azerbaijan GP
  • 19. June Canada – GP
  • Jul 03 Great Britain
  • July 10 Austrian Grand Prix
  • 24 July French GP
  • July 31 Hungary GP
  • 28. August Belgien-GP
  • 04 September Netherlands GP
  • 11. September Italien-GP
  • 25. September Russland-GP
  • Oct 02 Singapore GP
  • 09. October Japan-GP
  • October 23 Austin JB
  • October 30 Mexico GP
  • November 13 Brazil GP
  • 20. November Abu Dhabi-GP
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Formula 1: He who is not vaccinated, does not drive

Furthermore: “Formula 1 knows the rules and we are very happy with them. I think it goes without saying that they will all be 100% vaccinated and that means that by the time they get here in Melbourne, they will be operating under very safe guidance,” Westacott quotes from Motorsports.

In plain language: If you’re not vaccinated, you won’t get in – no matter if you’re a driver, team manager or mechanic.


More current news from Formula 1:


Formula 1: Unvaccinated people can become a problem

Nothing is known about the vaccination rate in Formula 1. However, if there are unvaccinated people on the teams, this could become a problem.

Of course, it would be the worst case scenario if the rider could not compete in the Australian Grand Prix. However, losing people in important management positions or mechanics can be much more serious.

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The teams have until April to clarify this question. Formula 1 is visiting Australia from 8-10 April. (FS)

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