Finland wishes Eriksen a speedy recovery on their shirts

Today, Finnish footballers went out to warm up at Krestovsky Stadium in their shirts, wishing a speedy recovery for Danish Christian Eriksen, who passed out in the match that the two teams played last Saturday.

“I hope you recover, Christian” (Christian recovered), said the shirt that the Scandinavian players were wearing.

Finnish players and coach Marco Kanerva admitted that it is very difficult to focus on football after what happened in Copenhagen.

“It is not easy to focus on football when there are more important things at stake,” Canerva told a news conference.

Eriksen, who remains in hospital, said he is “fine” despite the circumstances, and was very grateful for the show of support and affection.

Finland beat Denmark (1-0), while Russia fell to Belgium (0-3) in the first round, making today’s match decisive for the Slavic team.


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