Finland tightens entry regulations –

Finland has so far managed to bring the Coronavirus under control thanks to the relatively difficult lockdown. However, the number of infections has recently increased again and a new mutation of the virus has now appeared. That is why the Finnish government has decided on stricter entry rules, which will take effect on January 27 and will apply until at least February 25. Private trips to Finland are no longer possible during this period.

The move means extra work for the WRC promoter as they want to make sure the Arctic Rally, which has been added to the calendar, can happen as planned from February 26-28.

“The ability for participants, team members and other participants to safely enter a country is always ahead of the curve when planning the World Championships,” said Simon Larkin, WRC Solo Events Leader. “It’s no different in Arctic Rally.” .

Larkin is convinced that nothing stands in the way of implementing the Arctic Rally despite the new regulations and that appropriate exemptions will be obtained: “The regulators and promoters of the International Automobile Federation and the WRC will provide a clear procedure and inform this to all participants. Of course all necessary changes are monitored and implemented. if it is necessary “.

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