Finland: Finland raises the threshold for approval of European recovery funds

Madrid, 27 years old (European press)

The government of Finland will need the support of two-thirds of MPs to implement the European recovery funds, according to a legal clarification that comes in complete tension over the approval of the budget framework for the second half of the legislature.

Parliament’s Constitutional Committee has determined that a simple majority is not sufficient to approve the stimulus package, which raises the necessary votes to 133 – out of a total of 199 -, according to a statement compiled by Bloomberg News.

Executive Sana Marin, which has four formations, currently has 116 votes, while in the opposition, the Finnish party, which has 38 seats, said it would vote against it, and the National Coalition, which also won 38 seats, has yet to be voted on. Clear.

The internal contradictions within the executive branch, due to the distrust expressed by the Wasat Party, are not conducive to stability. And the leader of this formation, Anika Sariko, warned that “there is a need for a common approach, an agreement on what the ruling parties want the country.”

The budget talks, which began on Wednesday and were expected to conclude on Thursday, have entered their seventh day, and the prime minister has urged all parties to relax, confident that the cracks can still be closed. Marin warned that he would not lead a minority administration if the Center Party withdrew.

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