Fear of failure and UEFA support help Spain

Fear of failure and UEFA support help Spain

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Spain and Portugal He will lose a great competitor in the fight to organize Globalism Football 2030. United kingdomwhich was preparing with all the neighboring federations for its candidacy to host the national team championship, Are you planning to give up this profession? to focus on Euro 2028. This path seems much easier in British institutions that do not want to risk double failure if they struggle for the two ceremonies.

Spain, well, Still dreaming of being the center of sports in 2030 In case you are also betting on a complex Winter Olympics between Catalonia and Aragon. The 2030 World Cup in collaboration with Portugal has long been seen as the most likely success and the British withdrawal is great news for the Iberian candidacy, which has only recently been taking shape. On the other hand, the Olympic event is still stagnant and with the attempts of institutions such as COE So you can move forward after the meeting that took place last month.

The UK has not officially confirmed its bid to host the 2030 World Cup. However, it has been hustle among the country’s media. Position changed recently as published in the newspaper times, for advice given by the highest levels of international football to English leaders. According to this information, Great Britain and Ireland They didn’t have much choice in the World Cup and they ran risk of failure. Moreover, the idea that FIFA Betting on the World Cup away from a Europe that was revolutionary also generated some fear.

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Santiago Bernabeu stadium during the Real Madrid match

real Madrid

For all this, the 2030 World Cup will be set aside to put all the attention on Euro 2028. If the year 2020 is all over Europe, despite the final stage in England, 2024 will be held in Germany. In 2028, if the UK ends up confirming its submission, it has several options to win the prize. the The countdown has begun to make your aspirations officialSo, the news will not last.

In terms of the World Cup, Spain and Portugal now have the rivalry Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile and ArgentinaThose hoping to win the 2030 nomination are appealing for the 100 years that will come at the first World Cup. This was held in 1930 in Uruguay, so they will choose to highlight this link to host the tournament. Speculations about a Moroccan or even an Israeli candidacy are still pending. If it is in 2022 then it is in Qatar And in 2026 in Mexico, the United States and Canada, Europe got all the ballot papers for 2030.

Peace of mind with UEFA

The nomination of Great Britain and Ireland had two fears. The first double defeat would be historic and totally unwanted in the institutions of the states. The second, which was resolved, was related to possible mistrust of UEFA due to mistakes made in previous appointments. However, like the information from times, of the body that heads Alexander Severin Steps were taken to rule out any kind of punishment for the English regulators.

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That fear goes back to last summer and, curiously, to the last European Championship. England stayed on while celebrating the most important matches of the international tournament, including the final at Wembley between England and Italy. A golden opportunity to show the capabilities of the organization. But the plan did not go well.

Crowds and brawls between British fans before the European Championship final between Italy and England

Crowds and brawls between British fans before the European Championship final between Italy and England


The fights that took place near the stadium hours before the final match spoiled the fight for the continental title. Many extremists managed to bypass security measures and Reached areas prohibited by operators. An attack that spread around the world, behind pictures of injuries, and was a punishment for the FA for the mistakes it made.

The role of the FIFA was called into question and UEFA chose to punish them with a game behind closed doors and A fine of 100,000 euros. A minor measure to silence the criticism received by UEFA itself. These errors generated some mistrust in the UK regarding its options for future tournaments, but UEFA went ahead and confirmed its confidence by agreeing to a match between Italy and Argentina, the two best footballing continents, at Wembley.

The European Cup winners and America’s Cup champions will face next June 1 in the English Stadium to fight for America’s European Cup. A celebration that cleared any doubts from UEFA about English regulation and helped define future plans: yes Euro 2028 and no for the 2030 World Cup.

[Más información – La FIFA abre la puerta a un Mundial 2030 que se juegue en Israel y Palestina]

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