Facts about Galaxy Butts Pro, Sophisticated, Eco-friendly earrings

Brilio.net – For those who like to listen to music with earphones, they are now spoiled for choice with the best quality earrings. Although this device is small in size, it can meet the needs of those who want to listen to music Put on the earphones.

one of them Anting Galaxy Boots The pros that come with better connectivity and sound quality, plus iIntelligent Active Noise Canceling (ANC) technology.

Interested in device details? Below is a summary of the reports brilio.net Galaxy Buds Pro and Samsung Tag, from a virtual press conference unveiled on Saturday (2/13).

1. There is an automatic switch feature.

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This device has an auto switch feature that automatically switches from one device to another. Not only that, this device can be connected to more than one device at the same time.

2. Provide a clear and soundproof sound.

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When listening to music, watching movies, or communicating on the phone, you are often distracted by outside sounds. This device is equipped with Dolby Head Tracking, which produces 360 sound.

Supported by these features, when users listen to music, it becomes clear and unobtrusive like watching a concert.

3. Maybe a microphone.

Photo: Instagram / amssamsungindonesia

During the outbreak, we still have to do our bit. Of course come a call to zoom in. Our presentation can be heard clearly because presentation in a magnification meeting requires clear audio and a microphone.

With this device, there is no need. Because there are three microphones available so you can hear your presentation very clearly in a crowd.

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4. Environmentally friendly.

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foto: Instagram / tistomina_nikki

Environmental problems remain a concern. To support the green campaign, the device will include 20 percent of unused Samsung products in total production.

5. Fast shipping.

Facts about Galaxy Butts Pro © 2021 brilio.net

Photo: Instagram/@jj.wonkyung

This device is supported by fast charging, as the charge can be used for five minutes for an hour.

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