Europeans living in the UK fear marking Brexit

London. Almost half of European Union citizens living in the UK after Brexit fear losing rights and not receiving the same treatment British citizens enjoy in the future, according to a survey published yesterday, May 13th.

When registering in a specific settlement system, EU citizens who were already living in the UK prior to 1 January 2021 retain the same rights to live, work and access social security despite the British exit from the European bloc.

Most of those surveyed in the study by the Independent Supervisory Authority (IMA), a body created under a divorce agreement to protect the rights of European citizens, said they are currently receiving the same treatment as the British.

However, 44% said they do not trust this situation to continue.

The poll coincides with the British media publishing this week information about some European citizens who were detained upon arrival at UK airports and even sent to immigration removal centers, amid confusion over the epidemic rules that currently prohibit tourism, and Britain’s exit from the European Union, which requires a visa. for work.

However Home Office guidelines allow visa-free travel to the UK to attend “meetings, conferences, seminars and interviews” and “negotiate and sign agreements and contracts”.

However, The Guardian found that among those who saw being denied entry, and even locked up for several days before being expelled, there were many Europeans who arrived for job interviews.

The rules are under control

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s spokesman told reporters yesterday that “the vast majority” of Europeans have no problem entering the country and that government messages make clear that some “may be denied entry into the country. Borders.”

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He added, “We have done a great job in sharing information across the European Union to encourage EU citizens to verify the required documents and visas.”

In 2019, there were 3.6 million Europeans living in the UK, according to an estimate by the Office for National Statistics.

The Ministry of Interior announced, Thursday, that it has received more than 5.4 million applications for the settlement system, and said it has launched a new campaign urging the remaining eligible persons to apply before the June 30 deadline.

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