Europe. Nearly 70 migrants were intercepted while trying to cross the English Channel to reach the UK

Madrid, 8 (Europe Press)

UK and French authorities intercepted more than 60 migrants on Sunday as they attempted to cross the English Channel to reach the UK.

The British authorities confirmed that they arrested three boats carrying 50 people throughout the day, in addition to 17 people who were prevented by the French authorities from crossing at night.

These migrants were returned by boat to France.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Interior indicated that “people should seek asylum in the first safe country they reach and not risk their lives at these dangerous crossings,” referring to the increasing attempts to cross the canal at night.

She added, according to the BBC, that they continue to “persecute the criminals who stand behind these illegal crossings.”

He said the government is also returning illegal immigrants who do not have the right to remain in the UK to safe countries, after confirming that new rules were introduced in January that would make asylum applications “unacceptable when people cross countries safely to reach their country”. The United Kingdom via illegal routes. “

These new attempts to cross the canal come after a migrant disappeared at sea when a boat encountered difficulties, while three others were taken to hospital in France due to a low body temperature on Tuesday night.

More than 531 people entered the UK via the English Channel so far in 2021, a 40 per cent increase over the same period in 2020. In total, 8,417 people entered the European country via this route last year, a record high.

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In the face of this increase in illegal crossings, the UK government is considering “tougher” penalties against traffickers entering illegal immigrants through the English Channel, according to Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

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