EuroMillions record £ 175 million ever record winning Super Grand Prix with one ticket

One ticket has won a record jackpot tonight at EuroMillions and its holder will receive € 200m (£ 175m).

If the ticket, bought in France, was held by one player, now they have become the biggest winner in the history of the European lottery.

The winner is now instantly richer than Adele (£ 150 million), Sir Tom Jones (£ 170 million), golfer Rory McIlroy (£ 170 million) and the four Little Mix’s combined (£ 48 million).

The jackpot at EuroMillions next Tuesday will be £ 15m.

The French player Match all five main numbers and two Lucky Stars.

They had been 6, 9, 13, 24, 41 It was Lucky Stars 3 And the 12.

Advisor to First National Lottery Winners Andy Carter

They had 1 chance in 140 million to win the jackpot.

This is not just a French lottery win, but the biggest win in EuroMillions history, which started in 2004.

The previous biggest win was € 190m, which was won twice in the UK, once in Spain and once in Portugal.

The biggest French win was in 2012, when someone won 170 million euros.

Colin Ware (left) and his wife Chris pose for photos during a call in Falkirk, Scotland, on 15 July 2011, after winning a record £ 161 million

There is a lot of good news for the British in tonight’s draw as well, as five millionaires seem to have won the main EuroMillions draw – and their first UK Thunderball award also claimed.

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Camelot revealed that of the 12 EuroMillions tickets that took second prize – by matching all five of the main numbers and one of two Lucky Stars – the prize for each winning ticket in the UK tonight was £ 1,886,380.

And with stating that, of the 12 tickets that won the second prize, five were purchased in the UK, the suggestion is that five UK ticket holders got £ 1.8m each tonight – a total of 9,431,900 pound.

Meanwhile, a Briton won the UK Thunderball Draw tonight, taking home a whopping £ 500,000.

The biggest UK winner ever netted £ 170.2 million in October 2019 and has remained anonymous.

The previous biggest winners were Colin and Chris Weir, from Largs, North Ayrshire, who won £ 161 million in July 2011.

“The current jackpot is amazing,” said award-winning advisor Andy Carter, Camelot.

“The best advice I can give to people who have earned a life-changing amount is to take their time. Don’t rush to buy or give away anything extravagant.”

Next comes A warehouse worker who was furloughed during the pandemic won and later lost her job over the summer for a whopping £ 242,775.50 At EuroMillions.

After Samantha Morton took time off her job in March, she won about 1/4 of a million at EuroMillions.

Samantha Morton, 36, was fired in March, from her job as a warehouse and logistics manager in Dorset and during this time she moved to Essex to live with her boyfriend Barry Lingard, 26.

She was subsequently laid off over the summer and found a new job as a warehouse operator.

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But then things took a turn when she realized she had won £ 242,775.50 in the EuroMillions Draw on November 27th, with Lucky Dip online.

She admitted that she was in “a daze” after finding out she had won.

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