Euro 2021: Finland is not going well

Jos Riveiro travels through Finland like a fish in water. The Spanish coach landed a few years ago in the northern country, and little by little he was gaining ground until he became the first coach of the second best team in the country.. In leading Inter Turku with his team (Michel Belfer, Juango Jimenez and Sergio Almenara), Gus is the perfect man to talk about for the Finnish team. The Spanish coach, who is in Group B, warns, along with powers of a much higher level, such as Belgium, Denmark or Russia. “If they do not take it seriously they will complicate the life of more than one person,” Confirms. “For Finland to be in the final is already a success, but it is a team that knows how to suffer and knows how to compete and will not be invited to the Euro.”

Riveiro gives some “miracle” fin keys. “The Euro delays were not good for them. At the end of the qualifying phase they were in the movies, but now they have some players in worse shape and some of them are somewhat affected. The key will be whether Pukki can compete one hundred percent in each game. He is one of the few options to score a goal and if he succeeds in a match he can beat you. “Of course, in Finland the weak point is the defenders.” The coach has called up many central defenders, because there he has more doubts, the team is skating again a little bit.”

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The Spanish coach, who is struggling to discuss the Finnish football puck with HJK, reveals what type of match they will use in the Euro. “It’s a team that knows how to suffer. It doesn’t have enough quality to carry the weight of the game, but on a short course it can be capable of anything. In transitions they are quick and determined, that’s why they can hurt you if you’re careless.”

The miracle until

Finally, the technician gives the keys to improving football at the national team level.. “Football in southern Europe is little known, but at the moment it is the sport with the most licenses in Finland. Above all, to integrate women into football. It has ceased to be a summer sport to become a real option. 40,000 people will watch the selection in the stadium.”


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