Estonia raises Finland doubts about the European Championship بطولة

Just over a week after his European Cup debut against Denmark, Finland lost again Friendly match, 0-1 against Estonia, and series Six matches without knowing victory.

Specifically, since he won 1-2 (a) Bulgaria In the League of Nations on November 15, Finland lost to Estonia, except for its loss on Friday Wales (3-1), Switzerland (3-2) and Sweden (2-0) and equalize Bosnia and Herzegovina (2-2) and Ukraine (1-1).

The last three matches, all friendly, were defeats. The last, and perhaps the hardest, before A small team will not play the European Cup And he got the victory thanks to some punishment In the second part of the work Rauno Sabinen.

Finland jumped to the Olympic stadium in Helsinki without perhaps its best player, Timo Bucky, Who started the fencing on the bench to rest. Only in the last half hour, when your team had to turn the score, He jumped on the field, but to no avail.

Marco Canerva’s men had no chances throughout the match. Too gray in the attackThey could only score with a shot from Berry Swirry Who passed over the crossbar and another attempt Juna Tovio Which goalkeeper Carl Jacob Heine.

There wasn’t much of a story. Finland does not have good feelings and there are eight days before its first show against Denmark, It does not stop accumulating defeats.

– data sheet:

0. – Finland: Hradiki. Vaisanen (Uronen, m. 62), Toivio (O’Shaughnessy, m. 46), Arajuuri, Raitala; Chamber, Schuler; Soiri (Alho, m. 82), Forss (Jensen, m. 46), Lod; y Pohjanpalo (Poki, AD 62).

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1.- Estonia: little. Ojamaa (Vatsuk, m. 65), Tamm, Mets, Teniste (Pikk, m. 53), Kuusk; Vasiliev, Crete (Sumits, AD 65), Kite (Bohm, AD 91); Sappinen (Anier, m. 65) y Puri.

Objectives: 0-1, m. 59: Sappinen penalty.

Rule: Jürgen Dougberg (Denmark). Show the yellow card to Vaisanen (M 48) of Finland, Pori (M 64) and Kate (M 7 4) of Estonia.

accidentsA friendly match was held at the Olympics in Helsinki.

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