England beat Australia 32-15

Through the November window Autumn Nations Series 2021And England He took an outright victory over Australia by 31-15. The first stage left clear indications that it was a test match between teams from the northern and southern hemispheres.

Within minutes of starting, James O’Connor broke the zero and advanced to wallabies in the game. Then comes an English wave to leave the score 10-3, an attempt by Freddy Stewart and contributions by the foot of Captain Owen Farrell.

The quarrels did not stop, but the indiscipline stopped and the person who went to think for 10 minutes to the bank was Tom Wright Who left Australia with one less man. In the face of several penalties, O’Connor chose to kick the stick 3 times while Farrell did it twice. In this way, La Rosa went to rest from 16 to 12.

Just started the plugin, James O’Connor And he managed to reduce the points difference by four points with a penalty kick that did not generate any inconvenience. From that moment on, everything was hard for the Wallabies, who could not handle the ball, losing crucial ranks.

Angus Bell He saw the yellow card in Australia due to excessive interference which Owen Farrell turned into three points for the local. The second half was very close, with very little emotion and many changes that cut the dynamics of the game. Owen Farrell injured his ankle, but rookie Marcus Smith took over and kept all of his commitments in front of the sticks. Special reference to Ravi Quirk, the 20-year-old English player, who made his debut for his first national team.

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The champions of the game did not want to show emotions until the last minute of the match, as Australia were making the attempt, but the recovery of the English team was enough for this. Jimmy Palmer Go alone to ingoal. An excellent display for the European national team about an opponent they have not been able to defeat since the 2015 World Cup.

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