Elections in Scotland: a new independence referendum?

In Scotland, supporters of independence now have a clear majority in Parliament. Prime Minister Sturgeon wants to use that. London tries to stay calm – but the guns are brought in Edinburgh.

After an apparent success in Scotland’s general election, the Nationalists are pushing for a new referendum on independence from Great Britain, as has been announced. Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon threw a long-running emotional duel over interpretative sovereignty with the government in London on Sunday. A date for a new referendum is being discussed in 2022. Related to this is the question of whether Scotland will return to the EU – without the rest of the UK.

The head of the Scottish National Party (SNP) said those blocking the vote were ignoring the democratic will of Scots. BBC. On the other hand, British Foreign Secretary Michael Gove said via Sky News that the question of the referendum is not currently on the table. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who also represents England, has called sturgeon to the top of a crisis with the presidents of other parts of Wales and Northern Ireland. Johnson rejected a new referendum, calling it “irresponsible and reckless”.

The British government maintains that the question of independence was indeed resolved in the 2014 referendum. At that time, 55 per cent of Scots had voted to stay. On the other hand, the SNP argues that the initial situation has changed as a result of Brexit. The majority of Scots refused to leave the European Union in the 2016 Brexit referendum, but were overruled.

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It is the will of the country.

The Scottish National Party took 64 seats in Thursday’s election – less than one seat for an absolute majority. Together with the Greens, who also advocate independence and a return to the European Union, those who support secession from Great Britain have a comfortable majority of 72 out of 129 seats.

Sturgeon also pointed out this. “It is the will of the country,” she asserted, referring to independence. If necessary, you will go to court. In the opinion of most experts, the referendum would not be legitimate without London’s approval. Sturgeon went on to say: “Only the Scots can decide the future of Scotland.” If London stops this will, the United Kingdom will not be a federation by consent, but by coercion. Her deputy, John Sweeney, helped her: “Boris Johnson is not some kind of Scots lord.”

Sturgeon indicated that there may be a referendum next year. The bill for this is already in the drawer. It does not rule out that the relevant legislation will be introduced “at the beginning of next year”. “The referendum is now a question of when, not whether,” she said in a phone conversation with Johnson, according to her office.

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