Eintracht Frankfurt: Absolutely no return from Amin Yunus – ending without warning in the room

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Eintracht Frankfurt lacks creativity, playful class and the full suite to develop decisively

FRANKFURT – The right winger from Eintracht has been pushed into the center of criticism quite often in the past few weeks, and the French Federation has also recently worked on the main weak point in Frankfurt, highlighting all five candidates who have already been weighed this season and are also easily found. Eintracht’s attack damage is shown on the right side as well by looking at the stats, which confirm visual impressions and leave you with incredible amazement. Accordingly, none of the twelve goals of the season has already been prepared in this aspect, and hardly any shots on goal and chances. This is concerning – and record-breaking: according to Kicker, no other club in the Bundesliga can show as innocent and innocuous as Eintracht. hesitant.

This phenomenon is not new and has been recognized for a long time, but it has not been treated or actually treated. Since Danny Da Costa plunged into a real creative crisis, the glory is over. The 28-year-old is only a guest of the amphitheater and can change in the winter, at FC Augsburg he is on the list. His well-paid contract expires in the summer, an extension not possible at the moment.

Indeed, the position of young player Fabio Blanco should be elevated to the first team, but the right winger is currently recruiting in youth class A. The 17-year-old, says his discoverer Ben Manga in the Eintracht podcast, can’t really fathom it. “It’s hard for him to get that.”

Eintracht Frankfurt: Manga believes in Blanco

Manga, director of professional football in Frankfurt, sees it as “quite natural that he is a little unhappy”, after all, “it was his turn for the well-known clubs”. Blanco had the opportunity “in Real Madrid, Barcelona or Juventus Turin to train professionals and play in the reserve teams”. So it makes no difference from his current situation in Frankfurt. Ben Manga still firmly believes in talent. “He is a great boy – an athlete and a human being. I know he will at some point play for Eintracht.”

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Will you continue in this defect in the provisions of the game for a long time? A bug can become a real problem. Because it inevitably means that Eintracht is a children’s game to read and crack the codes. It is the opposite of what coach Oliver Glasner wanted to achieve and declared. The 47-year-old is starting to make the game more diverse and less computable. It hasn’t worked well yet. Nobody cares as much as the Austrians themselves.

Game federation analysts Greuther Fürth, for example, as FR knows, before the match against Frankfurt in order to prepare the match internals for any opponent together with as little material as Eintracht. Much more than a lot of Filip Kostic, a little Daichi Kamada and a lot of corners – there’s hardly more in stock.

The opponents have always done everything in their power to neutralize the Serbian left winger Kostik, firing one, two or three of their strongest and fastest players in duels. This is not new either, but it cannot prevent the 29-year-old from setting up five goals and scoring two himself – he participates in more than half of all goals. The others fell through the middle.

That’s more than coach Glasner had in mind, running deep to the top, passing to the fronts of defense – but it’s all still very mysterious and can only be seen in parts.

Glasner’s well-known dependence on Kostic is so great, he complains that the game, which has “too far gone beyond the wings”, must be dismantled. “We still land a lot on the corner pennant, and then Phillip hits the wing.” This works out a lot, so the winning goal in Fürth fell in injury time, without which the unrest in Frankfurt would have been much greater. Glasner notes, however, that Ivan Ndika played a crucial role in goal as the defender resolutely thrust forward and extended the ball. “Otherwise, the wing would have been intercepted.” like many.

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Despite the opposite intent, the best cop has risen this round. Last season, “only” 33 percent of goal posts were projected from the left, 54 percent from the middle and only 13 percent from the right.

Last season, Eintracht blasted off a meteoric start and scored as a tournament candidate when Adi Hutter turned twenty in midfield, summoning Daichi Kamada and Amin Younes and making the game virtually unpredictable. The Frankfurt team shined with brilliance, intelligence and safety of the ball. Kostik on the left was comfortable, and there were many potential sources of danger for the opponent to watch.

Eintracht Frankfurt: Bab Younes is closed

Kostik scored four goals himself and gave 17 assists, but the gamblers at the headquarters were also convincing: Kamada, for example, took part in a total of 26 (!) Hits, Younes, although less frequently and hardly used in the end, at least ten . Numbers that only the current team can dream of.

For Yunus, the time in Frankfurt is over anyway, there is certainly no turning back for a free creative mind. There is still termination without warning in the room, salary has been reduced. Eintracht was actually hoping that the footballer would agree to an amicable separation and perhaps even introduce a new club. But the lake is currently at rest. And the winter transfer period is not far away.

It is clear that the 28-year-old, who reached the national team again only in March, will return to SSC Napoli in the summer, but is unlikely to start there again. One of them pretty much ruined his career within a few months.

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Having Younes at his best, from a purely mathematical point of view, would certainly help. Also because the new ones have not yet taken off as hoped and need time. You need patience with players like Jens Petter Hauge or Jesper Lindström, says Ben Manga. “All the boys have what it takes,” he says. “When does it explode? Hopefully quickly.”

Eintracht Frankfurt: the lowest average in the league

The numbers from the current season read like those from another time, in all statistical surveys indicating football quality, Hessians have been below the league average: goals, shots, assists, assists received, pass rate. Even the dueling values ​​are bad. At the very least, the team leads in the other primary virtues: running power, fast sprinting, and forced ball wins in the final third. But this is not enough.

Funny poverty is astounding, and it’s just as amazing how easy it is to buy harmony: with difficult man-to-man duels all over the field – and the team runs out of solutions, because hardly any player is so exhausted and can solve them. Reasonably stressed situations. Defensive midfielders Djibril Su and Kristijan Jakic are more devastating than strategic.

Most of the time, due to the lack of calm and serenity in football, the ball is hit forward at some point – only 1.74m Rafael Buri can barely win and catch it. For once, a paralyzed right wing could do nothing for it.

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