Don’t miss the Mobile Festival! Visit your nearest Gigatron store!

Summer is a time of ecstasy and exciting events – a time when countless magical moments await us that we want to enjoy, but also to preserve in the best possible way. Modern smartphones are the perfect partner for a perfect summer. This is why summer is the time for it Gigatron Mobile Festival. Have you already visited Gigatron and checked which phone brand you are getting discounts and giveaways this week?

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Enjoy your favorite music, videos, series or video games, chat with friends and relatives, have fun on social networks, take great selfies and photos, take quotas, stream … you can do all this with a modern smartphone that you can buy this summer With a discount or gift, in up to 24 monthly installments. Plus, if you leave taking care of your new phone to DDOR insurance, you’ll be able to fully relax and enjoy all the magic of summer without fear.

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The Gigatron sales chain consists of up to 62 stores throughout Serbia, including 7 “megastore”, the largest of which is Gigatron Online Store. Megastores provide the best shopping experience for those who choose the traditional way of shopping, thanks to a very wide range, a large number of parking spaces, and the most professional sellers.

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