Donald Trump Game: This Is America

I amIs Donald J Trump the most athletic president to rule the United States? In any case, hardly anyone allowed themselves to be slightly distracted from office duties by the more important things. Golf, for example. Not funny? I agree. Sure, things would have got worse if Trump had gotten into politics instead during the time he was laying down. And now? Everything will be much better. At least Trump’s game. The gags on Twitter and other channels promise more trips to the green.

Every minute a guy spends a game of golf is a good minute given his incitement to the rest of the world. Otherwise? The four years Trump served racists with his rhetoric ensured that more and more athletes would express themselves as citizens. And so the Trump presidency ends with a storming of the Capitol – to quote Megan Rapinoe.

“I hope this is the last drop in order to finally understand why we are in this situation. This is America, we have shown our presence. It is remarkable how terrible, how crazy he is: the political leader unleashes a deadly uprising against “I hope we will now see where the core of the problem lies. Even if that has been evident from a few hundred years ago.”

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