DK Metcalf’s anti-touch interference was a thing of legend

DK Metcalf is not human. I know this is a bold statement that requires evidence, so I humbly bring this to court.

Keep in mind that everything that happens in this game is played alone. Russell Wilson casts a pick for Budda Baker on the goal line, who basically has to run straight to score a touchdown. Baker is by no means a slow player and one of the best safety factors in the NFL.

Now, Metcalf on the other hand has a lot to do. He was running his way around the middle of the formation, a good 8-10 yards away from where Baker grabbed the ball. At this point, he reacts to the intercept, takes off while he’s running, and needs to travel diagonally to form the space between players – then he manages to intervene at the 5-yard line.

That’s impressive on its own without noting that Metcalf is 35 pounds heavier than a Baker. How is this possible? I have one idea:

DK Metcalf is not human.

I ask you this, dear reader, has anyone seen Metcalfe and a marble statue of a Greek god in the same place? I do not think so. I think Metcalf is actually the physical embodiment of Hermes, the messenger of the fast-footed gods.

This is really the only explanation I have.

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