Dissipating The Big Bang Theory on Netflix

Surprisingly, without any official announcement, The Big Bang Theory, created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady, has reached Netflix, in the Italian catalog; The first eleven seasons are available in all languages. To surprise the fans of the series “The Elem” and their love life, spread the word!

Netflix It is published often Rumors In the series that comes periodically Removal The amphitheater In the catalog without any Official noticeJust these days, it’s one of the most popular series appreciate Love has appeared in recent years between Titles.

We are talking about Comedy series The Big Bang Theory, Created before Chuck Lowry H Bill Brady at 2007; Aired from 2007 al 2019, To total 12 seasonsNetflix has a lot of humor, considering it made the first available Eleven seasons.

Before today, the series was only available on the streaming platform Now tvBut the war is between services Payment flow He is ruthless and not without him Low strokes.

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Spin off “The Young Sheldon”

Young Sheldon-50808

at Twelve years old Numerous series have been launched World stars Especially with regard to personality Jim ParsonsAnd the Sheldon Cooper; It became the series Widely, Among the social networks and also much appreciated by The scientific community.

Sheldon’s character also inspired one spin off, This is an in-depth study about Specific personalityIn this case, they decided to deepen it Childhood And the Complicated relationship with his mother.

Young SheldonShe moves in USA On the web CBS, From 2017 to today, it has been well restored 4 seasons H 65 episodes Not available on Netflix, the series is available at Infinity TVBut, if the main chapter gets a good response on Netflix, then second Rumors, Young Sheldon could also land on Netflix, including Italian catalog.

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Meanwhile, if you can’t wait to do a Re-watch Of the series, it’s a good time to do it, before Netflix and Come onI remove it without saying anything as it is Back.

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