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Today we want to talk about it Practically essential app for your Xiaomi device If you really like themes. It comes to b New themes for MIUI, And it is a completely free application with which we can not only discover new themes every day but also install them.

If we are facing a request Available on Google Play This allows us Daily discover all kinds of our themes from Xiaomi In a very simple and fast way. Once opened, we will find a great variety of all kinds.

In addition, not everything is there, the new features of MIUI allow us Install themes in .mtz format, Which facilitates the fact that the themes not available for our region can be downloaded and installed on Xiaomi phone without much difficulty.

Forget about not finding a specific topic

Beyond that and as a big attraction, new MIUI Themes for us It allows you to install themes from links to zhuti repository. Those same links that we have added on numerous occasions at Our collections of subjects And for some strange reason, you can’t get to all of them.

New themes for MIUI
New themes for MIUI

OK then, From New Themes for MIUI we can install themes via URL (Magnifying Glass), all without the need to change the region of our smartphone and without any other complications that make it difficult to simply install a theme.

In short, we think so The new themes of MIUI should be on your Xiaomi phone If you really like Xiaomi’s themes and customization department. An essential tool with which you can access a myriad of topics.

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