Developers easily herald the PS5 development environment

Since the strange architecture of the PlayStation 3, there has always been a constant concern that Sony might make a console that is impossible to work with. Back when she announced the PlayStation 4, system engineer Mark Cerny took the point directly, and while most studios have suggested They are delighted with the PlayStation 5, There have been some rumors indicating that the Japanese giant’s next-generation hardware is a headache to work with – especially as far as Resident Evil Village.

Speaking as part of prof EGX digital board, However, Digital foundry Richard Leadbetter shared some good news for early PS5 users. He said, “Every developer I’ve talked to for developing the PS5 has been promising how easy it will be to work for him.” “It’s basically the same development environment as the PS4 and you can expand from there, for new powers, features, etc. I can’t stress enough how happy the developers are with this situation.”

Overall, the response from the studios was that the PS5 is a whole lot of gadgets, but it’s a good idea to replicate those sentiments again. Looking at Sony’s first-party lineup – Which blew up the first year of PS4 games completely Worldwide Studios have adapted very well to this new console environment. With nearly a dozen titles announced for the formula’s first year, and presumably more to come, it looks like PlayStation will start this generation as if it finished in the final year.

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