Dembele will run on February 11th in Finland

he is F.C.B And he had issued a statement Thursday clarifying that the French Osman Dembele It will run next Tuesday, February 11th, in the Finnish city Turku Than broken The biceps femoris muscle is close to the tendon of the right leg Who suffered from it in training last Monday.

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The attacker was brought back into the hands of Doctor Sakari Orava’s team, who underwent surgery just two years ago for the same injury in his left leg. Orava is a well-known Finnish physician specializing in muscle and tendon injuries that has been through which world sports stars have passed.

he is The medical part The club assures that “at the end of the intervention, a new medical contact will be provided with an approximate time for withdrawal.” On that occasion, Dembele missed for 106 days. If a footballer is knocked out for more than five months, Barcelona may sign a substitute for the depleted striker.

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